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Chico auto repair is needed when people break down on the side of the road, they may panic due to the fact they do not have a game plan for this situation. If the person does not have a “mechanic” that they trust and work with, they will most likely turn to Google and type in where is the closest auto repair shop near me in Chico, CA.


That can go a few different ways if you are not careful. So when deciding to search for top-rated auto repair shops near me, things get a little tricky, especially if you have a luxury or rare vehicle. That is why it is critical to find the right quality automotive service center and build a trusting relationship with a local mechanic and his staff. At our repair facility, we offer you a dealership alternative. Same great service, a Uber ride home if you live in town. We have a lobby with a few couches, drinks, a water machine, and snacks! The bathroom is right around the corner. Our TV plays HBO and Netflix. We offer service and repair on all make and model cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs.

Auto Repair In Chico California

 We can order OEM parts and offer a discounted labor rate compared to the local manufacturing dealership. We strive at making the best out of each experience with every customer. If you choose our automotive service center, you are guaranteed the best car service in town. For over 15 years we have solved vehicle problems of all natures. We have fixed countless issues that other mechanics wanted no part of. If you are tired of wasting time and hard-earned money on hard-to-solve car problems, then Tedious Repairs is the place you have been looking for. Service and maintenance are the norms nowadays, but we tackle all make and models and their issues.

Top-rated quality Chico auto repair, that locals and students trust to bring their vehicles for automotive-related issues on truck, van, SUV, fleet, transit, or compact passenger vehicles. Consider when searching for where is the closest auto shop, and weigh your options make find the right person that fits your family and business vehicle needs. We love seeing the familiar faces, watching your kids grow, and knowing that our customers drive safely when they invest their trust in us! 

How to Choose A Chico car Repair Shop


Who should you choose to perform your  Chico car repair work? When deciding on truck services, or reading about where to go for a tune-up, learn about what is included or offered with your appointment while your van is in for maintenance. Ask the facility a simple question. While I am here do you take the time to do a free vehicle inspection? Will they look up to see if you are due for any factory maintenance that you may have missed?

 Does the repair facility provide free computer diagnostics and check engine light scan reports? They should if they do not, for that is in your best interest. Choosing Tedious means you expect the best fleet service on every visit! Our service advisors find car parts, build quotes and help on sorting out your car problems. Our service writers help you make the best decision for the circumstances of your vehicle if you are unsure what you would like to do. We give the best advice possible, putting ourselves in your shoes like our own family members were driving the vehicle. Click on the link below if you are looking for a FREE auto repair cost estimator, online straight to your phone with no pressure. Mechanics in my area. 

Chico Auto repair near me

Complete auto repair is offered here at Tedious Repairs for Butte county. These towns include Orland, Hamilton City, Red Bluff, Cohasset, Nord, Paradise, Magalia, Corning, and Chico. We are close to Chico State and downtown Chico. The most prominent cross street that bears us is East Ave. Village garden, Nord garden, Oak way park, University Village, and Warner street residents are near us. We provide inspection reports along with your car repair. These reports are critical for your vehicles’ life span and ability to be reliable transportation. Vehicle services are the most convenient time to inspect your car visually. Our automotive technicians inspect over 90 other visual inspection points on the automobile.  

Our techs even check your lighting. Check your tail lights, brake lights, turns signals, license plate lights, and headlights to verify they illuminate correctly. Vehicle inspections are worth the hour or so to wait in the office, or better yet, you can run some errands and come back later that day. Machines break down; it happens. It does not matter what kind you drive; it happens to everyone at some point without proper preventive maintenance. Let the experts in auto services help!

car Garage in Chico

Critical automobile needs may be neglected if service technician misses problems that can cause huge issues down the road. I would rather have a top-rated mechanic working on my car who understands my EV or hybrid and how it works. For example, does your mechanic use a torque wrench and proper torque specs on your oil drain bolt & wheel lug nuts? Picking a suitable automotive garage or repair center is critical in developing a trusting relationship with a place you can relate to. Building a first-name relationship and a trustful relation is our service writers’ main goal outside Chico auto repair.

Imagine a lube tech learning the ropes; maybe he will tighten your drain plug bolt a little too tight. Perhaps that day, he forgot to pull that drain plug altogether. This could cost you a new motor install. Have you ever dealt with had to deal with a mechanic shop asking for warranties? Sound like a long headache and a fight with a service writer. Why gamble? They may be faster than us, but this will require shortcuts that may cost you dearly later. 

Best Auto Repair in Chico CA

Car problems can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be with the proper help and guidance. Here at Tedious Repairs, we fix all truck and passenger car issues. For example, we can repair wiring shorts and opens and figure out why things are not turning off through power drain tests. In addition, we diagnose electrical problems such as not turning off and draining your battery and repair rodent chewing damages off all natures.

We also do custom installs. We do car stereo work, run aux power sources, install custom fuse boxes, cruise control kits, custom headlights, LED stuff, and so much more We have handled tons of problem lights and electrical gremlins. Diagnostic testing is something we deal with regularly. 

Free Ride Home

If you need a ride home from our service location we can call you a Uber to get you where you need to go, no big deal! We offer a free ride if you live in Chico and leave your vehicle with any automotive service. Our staff understands that everyone needs their vehicle as soon as possible. With that in mind, our main focus is to get your van, truck, or passenger car repaired as fast as possible. With proper planning ahead, we can make things lighting quick when things allow with your Chico auto repair.

Truck Repair Near Me in Chico, CA

Automotive repair and vehicle maintenance are our primary focus, but vehicle services are the norm here. Our automotive technicians repair air conditioner systems on all Dodge, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, KIA, Subaru, and Classic car owners; all trust our staff for all their vehicle needs. Keeping our customers cool with air will be our main focus this summer, but we still repair vehicles as usual. Butte county residents, Chico locals, and students will be miserable when the heat becomes unbearable this summer if fleet air conditioners fail. No worries, we do car air all summer long.

Chico Truck Service CEnter

Chico Auto Repair

Additionally, we provide vehicle repair on all makes and models. It does not matter; we fix it all (except smog and windshield). Chico auto repair here is easy, fast, and friendly. Give us a call, and we will give you a quote on any service we offer. 


We offer engine swaps and performance upgrades. We should be able to fix almost any other automotive issue on four wheels; if not, we will steer you in the direction of someone who can! 



The friendly staff at Tedious Repairs is here for all of your vehicle’s needs. Proud to provide technician services, a locksmith that cuts car keys, and diesel repair on most small cars and some bigger ones. We proudly serve Chico, Paradise, Orland, Hamilton City, Corning, and the Butte community for all of their automotive needs! Chico car repair is near me; you can trust and count on me! Chico auto repair is near me in Butte county. We also service Durham, Paradise, Hamilton city & Orland. We offer college student discounts, senior discounts, and military discounts. 

Hours are weekdays, 8 am to 5 pm. Please feel free to drop in any time, call us today or text us at (530) 826-4275, or book online by clicking here:



Drop off your vehicle for a diagnosis or estimate. Simply call us or book online.

car Shop

Searching for a reliable mechanic near me? We know that choosing the best technician for your family or student attending school here, is not an easy task. Finding the right shops to connect with and build a lasting relationships can be stressful.

Here at Tedious Repairs, we are a family-orientated local Chico auto repair business. Each person that walks through the door matters, in the small town you have choices for your Dodge, Toyota, Honda, and Ford truck repair. If you choose us you are choosing to support local. In return, you will receive the best effort from our staff to full fill your experience, and make it as stress-free as possible. Top-rated local car service near me in Butte county.  Chico auto repair is near me.

fix car in Chico, CA

Auto Repair

Auto warrany & car Insurance accepted

We accept aftermarket warranties here at Tedious Repairs. We are well-seasoned in dealing with insurance companies.


Sometimes parts let us down, but no worries, we will be ready if that happens. Likewise, if something we installed and provided breaks, we will take care of you to the best of our ability with the warranty situations. 


Did you know we are a certified NAPA AutoCare Center offering 3-year/36,000-mile warranties on parts replaced with NAPA-brand products? And, Our guarantee includes parts and labor on stuff we replaced. Also, repairs without NAPA-brand products have a 1-year/12,000-mile warranty. Used parts carry different warranties- if any.


In addition, all NAPA-brand products come with a nationwide warranty that can be used at any official NAPA AutoCare Center. Therefore, you can visit any NAPA-certified repair center for deposits at thousands of locations in the country. We are a certified Caravan repair center for Chico, Ca. We work with Caravan, SilverRock, JWC & Assurant for warranty repairs on cars, trucks, and Vans. For our Carvana customers, we offer diagnostic testing along with vehicle lookovers and help deal with Carvana warranty the best we can. 


Automotive Fleet Repair


Tedious Repairs is now offering automotive fleet service along with Chico auto repair. We have great rates for businesses that want to connect with us so if you are a fleet manager or a local Chico business looking for an automotive shop to take care of your vehicles, give the office a call or email.

Fleet Repair near me that your company has been looking for. Join the list of companies that work with Tedious Repairs today!


Truck Repair In Chico, CA

Additionally, we offer a no-contact key drop box for those coming after hours or in a hurry. If you do not wish to go in, that is perfectly fine; we respect that! Call us and or book online to make an appointment.

Outside the shop’s main entrance is a side metal door. To the right, about chest high, lies a 24/7 key-drop hole. Leave your car whenever you want, park under the shop sign (please do not block the gate), and fill out this check-in sheet to let us know who left the vehicle and why it is here.

Auto Repair Estimate

After your automotive drop is complete and vehicle inspection is done, a service manager will get a hold of you via Tekmetric, text, or phone call. After your vehicle inspection and diagnostic is completed, your service advisor will build an auto repair estimate for your vehicle’s needs.

Free Auto Repair Quote

Also, we provide text and email communication with pictures, videos, and PDF scans of your services that are due. So we can easily keep in touch, go over conversations and get updates while maintaining constant communication with you, the customer. Our new system keeps records of past and future appointments, repairs, and services that were done and are due. Along with notes and photos to pick up where we left off last time and leave everything in a cloud online for us to view at any point. We can also send you a link so you can forward it to friends and family to better understand your vehicle’s situation. So please make the best choices and be aware of everything you can while working on your ride. Chico auto repair can be easy with the right help!

Why choose our auto shop?

14 years experience

Quality vehicle repairs done right the first time

We have been on the job since 2007. We have grown over the years to offer many different kinds of vehicle services. When you support Tedious Repairs, you are supporting a local family-owned and operated business in Chico California. You will find our family around the shop, working or maybe you will see the kids or dogs running around.

warranty repair

Warranty on our work

All NAPA-brand products include a 3-year/36k mile warranty. Most other products include a 2-year/24k-mile warranty. Ask your service advisor if you're unsure about your part warranties. Every company offers a different policy, so if you are wanting the biggest warranty let us know during your vehicle drop-off.

auto skills

15 years of experience you can rely on

Back in the year 2000 the owner and his lead technician attended the butte college automotive program. Since then they have been working on all make and model cars, trucks, and SUVs. FactoryHondacertified training got our foot into the door. But, since 2002 we have worked on all brands of vehicles. There just were not enough Hondas breaking down to keep us busy, so we started offering service work on fleets, and all other makes and models for our customers.

Chico Auto Repair Family

local Family Owned Local business

We're extremely proud of our reputation! Search online for "Tedious Repairs has great yelp and google reviews" go see for yourself! We also have been collecting reviews for years on just about every site we can.

Our family works as a team to provide you with the best experience that we can on every visit. From our kids helping with blogs and car cleaning, to my first grader labeling tools and bringing us supplies. This is a family operation that we take tremendous pride in. We eat breathe and sleep automotive.

affordable auto repair

Affordable automotive Shop

Some auto shops try to price them self with the local dealerships. Here at Tedious, we do what we can to keep the cost down. We offer many different part options. Different vendors give us different deals, so we are always looking for the parts that suites the job or customer best. Automotive parts can be the deal breaker for many customers. Finding out what you're looking for as a customer, is crucial in fixing your vehicle.

vehicle inspections

Top Rated Auto Shop

We are known as Iron Men around here. We always show up and take care of our customers. You can get quotes 24/7 with the FREE online estimator. Then you may book the best available appointment for yourself, right there online as well. Our main mission is two-fold: excellent vehicle repair and complete customer satisfaction. We go the extra mile here, We perform detailed inspections, offer dealer-recommended services, and simply give you our best option for your Van's mechanical situation. We mark our bolts so you and I both know the tech did not forget anything. We check our work, test drives the car, and do visuals. This helps us make sure everything is accounted for. Chico auto repair experts, that you can count on!