Tedious Repairs offers top-rated local Chico auto repair, car air conditioner repair, oil changes, lost car keys Chico replacement, and more. For over a decade, our mechanics have earned the trust of our local community as the best auto repair shop near you.

About Us

Tedious Repairs offers top-rated local Chico auto repair, car air conditioner repair, oil changes, and more. For over a decade, our mechanics have earned the trust of our local community as the best auto repair shop near you.

About Us

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Auto Repair : Car Keys & A/C

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Tedious Repairs provides Auto Repair in Chico, CA.

Tedious Repairs, we understand that everyone needs their vehicle as soon as possible. With that in mind, we do our best to get your lost car keys made in the same day if possible. If you in for a vehicle diagnosis, service or to get your car fixed, rest assure that it will be done as fast as possible. We have limited space and want cars serviced as soon as humanly possible.

If your car needs are a simple oil change or need a car key copied, we should be able to provide those services in around a hour (car keys may go faster depending on what you have). We can help you with electrical, brake pads, tune-ups and thousands of other automotive services! And, if you need car a/c repair or a/c recharges in Chico we got you.


Dodge Fob
Key fob programming & car key cutting

Lost car keys is a newer service here. They are among some of the most challenging. Making car keys for VW, BMW and Mercedes can be a time consuming process. The locksmith at Tedious Repairs can program and repair key fobs, car clicker and of course cut new house, pad lock, and car keys. We service vehicles with all car keys lost with a vin number, registration and ID!

 Also, out technicians repair and service car and truck AC systems. AC recharge and repair will be our main service when Butte county and especially Chico heats up this summer. Additionally, we can help if you’re in for a check engine light diagnostic, coolant leak, have car electrical problems,  we work on classic cars and pretty much any other automotive need on four wheels, we should be able to service your vehicle or steer you in the direction of someone who can!

Is you Truck due for scheduled vehicle maintenance or need an oil change? Is your car driving funny down the road ? Time for your truck to get wheel alignment then. We do transmission fluid services, clutch repair, car ac repair, belt, battery replacement and so much more. A mechanic near me in Chico, CA. Lost car keys, Tedious does light duty locksmith work now.

The experienced and friendly staff at Tedious Repairs is here for all if your vehicle’s needs. Proud to provide service for Locksmith and Chico Diesel Truck Repair to  Chico, Paradise, Orland, Hamilton City, Corning and, Butte community for all of there automotive needs!

Business hours are weekdays 8am to 5pm. Please feel free to drop-in any time, or call us today at (530) 826-4275, or book online by clicking here:



Drop off your vehicle for a diagnosis or estimate. Simply call us or book online.

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Did you know, our staff is extra cautious as we work through COVID-19? And, the mechanics in our shop clean tools and surfaces regularly and wear masks appropriately. Also, it’s an open bay too so air circulation is excellent (open air circulation being the most fundamental precaution against the spread of infectious diseases including SARS-2 coronavirus). Additionally, we disinfect our main office and waiting room at regular intervals throughout the day.

Additionally, we offer no-contact vehicle car key drop off for your repair service. If you do not wish to come in, that fine too! Call us and or book here to make an appointment. Then, you can drop your keys in the 24/7 key-drop and leave your vehicle. After your car keys are made or your vehicle inspection is completed, a service manager will get ahold of you, as soon as the service or inspection is completed or if the mechanic has a update on your vehicle repair status.  Car, EV, truck, classic or hybrid vehicles. We do them all!

Also, we provide text and email communication so you can easily keep in touch, go over conversations and get updates while keeping constant communication with the customer about the truck or key repair at hand. Service managers here at Tedious Repairs, accept Cash, PayPal, Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, Apple pay, Visa, Master, Discover, American Express and Debit. Additionally, we go out of our way to make our garage experience and vehicle service easy for you the customer. Above all else, we strive to offer an locksmith or garage visit that leaves smiles on your face. Above all else, a mechanic shop that you can count on, no matter the circumstances.

Auto repair Warranty

Here, warranties are our specialty at Tedious Repairs.

Did you know, we are a certified NAPA AutoCare Center offering 3 year/36,000 mile warranties on auto service performed with NAPA-brand parts? And, Our warranty includes parts as well as labor on the parts that were replaced. Also, repairs without NAPA-brand parts include a 1 year/12,000 mile warranty.

In addition, all NAPA-brand parts come with a nationwide warranty that can be used at any official NAPA AutoCare Center. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about vehicle repairs on long trips, as you can simply visit a NAPA location for warranty service almost anywhere in the country.

services we offer

Tedious Repairs serves all your Chico auto repair and vehicle maintenance needs.

General car maintenance

General Maintenance

Here, we're happy to handle your regular maintenance concerns. Leave the vehicle diagnostics to make sure you don't need any other auto repair Chico and maintenance!

Brake repair

Brake Repair

If, you bring your car or truck to Tedious Repairs and we'll provide safe and qualified brake repair service so you can remain confident in any and all road conditions.

Transmission repair

Transmission Repair

Also, the transmission shifts engine gears with utmost precision. It's critical to change transmission fluids to keep parts operating at peak performance, which is a service we're happy to provide for you!

Shock & Suspension repair

Shock & Suspension repair

And, does it feel like your ride's gotten a bit bumpy? Let us tune your suspension to make your ride much, much smoother. Also, we work on shocks, struts, and everything in between. Just give us a call!

AC repair

Car A/C Repair

Plus, Auto Heating and Air Conditioner repair is one of our specialties. And, no one who's driven even one summer needs to be told how important fixing A/C is before you need it. Air conditioner recharges and more.

Tedious oil change

Oil changes

Also, engine oil keeps metal car parts from grinding against each other and wearing away until they ceases to work. Also, you have to change your fluids regularly, or we can do it for you!

Catalytic Converter Repair

Catalytic Converter Repair

Additionally, catalytic converters change poisons emitted by cars into breathable, non-people choking gases that can be released into the atmosphere. And, it's very important to keep your catalytic converter in good condition.

Auto Body Repair

Auto Body Repair

Additionally, collision repair can be a real pain. And, whether it's a serious accident or minor collision, the body damage can become extremely annoying with time and result in further issues down the line.

Car Keys

Have you ever lost your car keys and had to either call or visit a Chico locksmith? If you have, I’m sure you’ve been triumphed with costs and wait times. But, your favorite Chico auto repair shop, Tedious Repairs, has something new in store for you!

Electrical diagnosis

When your car has electrical issues, there can be many things occurring to cause this issue. The solution to this problem can be a simple or a rigorous task depending on what the cause of the problem is. Most electrical malfunctions are caused by broken or dead batteries, cut or damaged wires, alternator defects, and more.

Vehicle inspection

Auto Body Repair


Tedious Repairs serves all your auto repair and vehicle maintenance needs! Our service offerings include all regular maintenance services (fluid changes, tire balancing) as well as specialty repair and vehicle upgrade services (catalytic converter replacement, shock and strut replacement) and more!


Bring your car or truck into Tedious Repairs and we’ll make sure the rubber hits the road at just the right angle. We’re the best alignment shop in town.

Tires and TPMS

Tires are a big ticket item for most Chico drivers. You’re not only concerned about the price, but you want to know that it’ll be a long time before you need to buy tires again. And of course there’s the safety aspect as well.

Car Keys & truck repair

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Chico auto repair Mechanics You Can Trust

Did you know, Tedious Repairs has served Chico since 2008 for all Chico auto repair. In the last 14 years, we’ve encountered thousands of problems on cars and trucks of all make and models. Then, we fixed nearly all of them. Plus, there’s not a lot we can’t handle. Often, we find other issues during a vehicle inspection while rendering unrelated service, before the vehicle problem become serious or leaves your stranded. And, that’s the kind of preventative maintenance that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Also, we strive to provide premium 5 star service. Above all else, we want you to be satisfied with our work. And, whether you’re looking for a regular auto mechanic or just need an oil change or emergency fix as you’re passing through town. Then, Tedious Repairs is here for you. And, we offer auto repair service for customers in Chico, Nord, Orland, Hamilton City, Durham and all their surrounding areas. So, come see us for auto repair in Chico, or if you have lost car keys Chico today!

Additionally, if you need auto service, collision repair, a locksmith, or just a locksmith to cut you a car key, call us at (530) 826-4275.        

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Why Choose Our Mechanics?


We've repaired thousands of cars and trucks since starting in 2008.


All NAPA-brand parts include a 3-year/30,000 mile warranty. All other parts include a 1-year/12,000 mile warranty.

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Our team is trained, qualified, experienced, and ready to help!


We're extremely proud of our reputation! Search online for "Tedious Repairs reviews" and see for yourself!


We offer affordable auto repair in Chico. Cheap mechanic prices, but with expert mechanic service!


Our main mission is two-fold: excellent auto repair, and complete customer satisfaction.