Auto Repair at Tedious Repairs is where locals and students have been coming since 2008. The technician team at Tedious works on just about every car problem you can imagine. We offer the best Chico car repair possible on every visit. From car electrical repair to key replacement, we do it all here.

About Us

Tedious Repairs is where locals and students have been coming since 2008. The technician team at Tedious works on just about every car problem you can imagine. We offer the best Chico car repair experience possible on every visit. From car brake repair to key replacement, we do it all here.

About Us

Auto Repair Shop


Who should you choose for your vehicle fluid changes and why? When deciding on, or reading about where to go, learn about what is included or offered with your appointment while your cars in for maintenance. Maybe ask them a simple question. While I am here do you take the time to do a free car inspection on my car? Will you look up to see if your are due for any factory that you may have missed? Do they include a free check engine light scan or check engine light reading? They should if they do not, it is in your best interest. 

check engine light

auto repair
auto repair

First off, your A service is the very best, and most convenient time to do a visual inspect your car. Our automotive technicians inspect for oil leaks, transmission leaks, they check for worn out suspension pieces, visually inspect your serpentine belt, inspect your, brakes, tires and the list goes on. Our techs even check to see if your tail and brake, turns signals, license plate, and head lights work. Vehicle inspections are worth the hour wait in office, or better yet, you can run some errands and come back later that day. Machines break down, it happens. It does not matter what kind you drive, eventually it happens to everyone at some point.

Critical automobile may be neglected if young technician misses a coolant leak or expired timing belt sticker. I personally, would rather have a trained technician working on my car, who understands my EV or hybrid car, and how it works. Do they use a torque wrench along with a proper torque spec on your oil pan drain bolt?

Imagine a lube tech that is just learning the ropes, tightens your drain plug bolt a little too tight. Heck, maybe that day he forgot to tighten that drain plug altogether. Left it loose huh, ops… This could cost you a head gasket or even a new motor. You ever dealt with cooperate oil companies? Sound like a long headache and a fight with a service manager for months. Why gamble? They may be faster than us, maybe even in half the time. Ever wonder why lube station are faster than a auto repair shop?


Auto electrical repair can be a hassle, but you found us! Here at Tedious Repairs we fix all sorts of these problems. We are able to repair wiring shorts, opens, and figure out why things are not turning off, why things are not turning on and repair rodent chewing damages. We also do custom work. We do car stereo work, run aux power sources, install custom fuse boxes, cruise control kits, custom head lights, LED stuff and so much more. 

Need a ride home from the garage? We can call you a Ubber to get you home! No big deal.  Need a ride home? That problem will not derail this game plan! This crew understands that everyone needs their vehicle as soon as possible. Our main focus is to get your van repaired as fast as possible. Lost car keys can be made in the same day if parts are in stock. Also, if your in for a vehicle diagnosis test or for AC work, rest assure that it will be done as correctly and fast as possible. Auto electrical repair is something we been at for years. Rats love to eat wires around here. The process is never the same, but your service writer is ready for the task.  We earned 322, 5 star reviews on google by being honest, reliable and straight forward with locals, students, and parents who live afar, while their child attends college here in Chico ca.


chico auto repair
chico auto repair

Car AC repair near me has never been easier. Our automotive technicians repair truck AC systems on all Dodge vehicles in Chico CA. Honda, Ford, Chevy, Subaru and Classic car owners all trust our staff for Chico car AC recharges and all car AC repair and diagnosis. Keeping our customers cool will be our main focus this summer, Butte county residents, Chico locals along with students will be miserable when the heat becomes unbearable this summer. Most of the time our A/C inspection and car AC recharges take around a hour, maybe two. After the A/C inspection and performance test is completed, we will understand if your AC is struggling, or it was just in a need of a tune-up (AC recharge, Schrader valve replacement, and condenser cleaning).

Honda Repair
Honda Repair

Radiator Replacement

Subaru repair
Subaru Service

Additionally, we provide radiator repair on all makes and models. Auto techs here can help with engine light diagnostic on your Diesel, coolant leak fixes on your Subaru, problems solved on your classic car or new head gaskets on a Honda. It really does not matter, we fix it all (expect smog and windshield). We work on 4×4 Jeep and Toyota projects, we do engine swap and upgrades. Pretty much any other automotive issues you can think of on four wheels, we should be able to fix it, if not we will steer you in the direction of someone who can!

Is your Ford diesel truck is due for scheduled auto maintenance or need an a tune-up, call us! Is your Chevy driving funny down the road ? Time to get wheel alignment then maybe. We offer transmission fluid replacement on CVT Nissan and all other types. Standard transmission fluid on all cars. Clutch repair on Honda and Toyota along with most types.  Car AC repair on VW and BMW, belt replacement on Subaru and Ford, battery replacement on Dodge and Nissan. 

The friendly staff at Tedious Repairs is here for all if your vehicle’s needs. Proud to provide technician services, locksmith that cuts car keys, diesel repair on most small cars along with some bigger cars. Proudly serving Chico, Paradise, Orland, Hamilton City, Corning and, Butte community for all of there automotive needs! Chico auto repair near me, that you can trust and count on!

Hours are weekdays 8am to 5pm. Please feel free to drop-in any time, or call us today or text us at (530) 826-4275, or book online by clicking here:

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Drop off your vehicle for a diagnosis or estimate. Simply call us or book online.

auto Repair Shop

Searching for a mechanic near me? We know that choosing the best technician for your family or student attending school here, is not a easy task. Finding the right shops to connect with and build a lasting relationship is  stressful.

Here at Tedious Repairs we are a family orientated shop. Each person that walks through these doors matters to us. In the small town of Chico ca, you have choices for Dodge, Toyota and Ford truck repair. If you choose Tedious Repairs, you are choosing to support local. In return, you will receive the best effort from our staff to full fill your experience, and make it as stress free as possible .  

CAr Repair process

Chico auto repair

We Take Auto warranty Repair Insurance

We accept aftermarket warranties here at Tedious Repairs. We are well seasoned with dealing with insurance companies.

Sometimes parts let us down, but no worries we will be ready if that happens. If something brakes that we installed and provided, we will take care of you. 

Did you know, we are a certified NAPA AutoCare Center offering 3 year/36,000 mile warranties on auto repair performed with NAPA-brand products? And, Our warranty includes parts as well as labor on stuff we replaced. Also, repairs without NAPA-brand products include a 1 year/12,000 mile warranty.

In addition, all NAPA-brand products come with a nationwide warranty that can be used at any official NAPA AutoCare Center. Therefore, you can simply visit any NAPA auto repair shop location for warranties at thousands of different locations in the country.

Tedious Repairs Lobby
Shop Dogs
Shop Dogs
Chico Auto Repair Family
Local Family Business

Additionally, we offer no-contact car key drop off for your vehicle. If you do not wish to come in, that is perfectly fine, we respect that! Call us and or book here to make an appointment online.

Busy the same hours as we are? Outside the shop metal door lies a 24/7 key-drop. Leave your car whenever you want, and  fill this form out on our site.

After your automotive repair is or your vehicle inspection is completed, a manager will get a hold of you via text, phone call or e-mail. After your auto repair, brake pad replacement or engine light scan is completed, your advisor will build a quote or estimate for your auto repair. 

Also, we provide text and email communication so you can easily keep in touch, go over conversations and get updates while keeping constant communication with out customers. 

Here, at Tedious Repairs, we accept Cash, PayPal, Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, Apple pay, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and Debit. 

Automotive Services

Tedious Repairs offers auto maintenance and service on all types of automobiles. 

30 60 90 100 120 service

30/60/90/120k Maintenance

In our computer we have the same info as the dealerships. We have the same service and maintenance schedule for your vehicle. The difference is we can do it faster and cheaper. We can even call them and make them bring us the OEM parts if you wish. Why wait ? Why pay more?

brake repair

Brake inspection

Searching for a FREE brake inspection in Chico CA? We offer FREE brake checks by appointment only. Safety is first when it comes to our customers, bad braking ability leads to accidents and collision repair.

transmission repair


Transmission diagnostic, service & replacement. We have saved thousands of transmission from being condemned. We have replaced countless others. Clutches, Solenoids... We do it al....

shock & struts replacement

Shock & Suspension repair

Your ride should have the shocks and or struts changed out around every 60,000 miles. If you live on a bumpy road they will blow out even sooner. Old shocks can lead to tire damage and a unpleasant driving experience.

ac service

Car A/C Repair

Air conditioner repair is one of our specialties. We spend all summer providing ice cold car ac repair repair and recharge for locals and Chico state students alike.
Air conditioner refills take a hour or two, and are well worth the wait during the blistering summer heat. Come is and sit in our AC while we inspect and tune up yours.!

oil change

Oil & Fluids change

Why should you change you oil ? There is many reasons . The obvious reason is to get the dirty oil, sludge & carbon out. Secondly a oil change is a check up as well. We want to prevent you coming back next week on a tow truck. Oil last awhile now days, but that does not mean you should avoid getting the sludge out and visiting your local auto technician.

cat converter

Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters testing and replacement is done by our technicians. We can weld or bolts on converter. Converter manifolds or weld-ons are not a problem.

auto body repair

Auto Body Repair

Additionally, collision repair can be a real pain. And, whether it's a serious accident or minor collision, the body damage can become extremely annoying with time and result in further issues down the line.

car keys

Car Keys

Have you ever lost your car keys and had to either call or visit a locksmith? If you have, I’m sure you’ve been triumphed with costs and wait times. But, your favorite Chico garage, Tedious Repairs, now copies and replaces lost car keys and fobs. We duplicate keys too!

electrical repair

car Electrical repair

When your car has electrical issues, there can be many factors occurring to cause this issue. The solution to this problem can be a simple or a rigorous task depending on what the cause of the problem is. Most malfunctions are caused by broken or dead batteries, cut or damaged wires, alternator defects, and wire shorts.

car inspection

car inspection

Over the last decade or so I have noticed a pattern on cars and how they break. After awhile we decided a vehicle inspection list would be a good idea. Over time this list has been fine tuned. After countless revisions, the list has become effective in preventing car break downs. I believe this list should be checked during every repair at any garage. This list keep our customers on the road and avoids additional repairs by being neglectful and unknowing.


spark plugs & Tune-up

Your tune-up is critical part in avoiding costly repairs, and trips back to us on a tow truck. We offer include spark plugs, filters, belts, induction cleaning, walnut blasting valves, valve adjustments, PCV valve replacement and vehicle inspections as the norm. Each car is different so contact us for a accurte idea.

vehicle alignment

four Wheel Alignment

Using a state of the art 3D wheel alignment machine, we are able to align most car in around a hour or two. Providing wheel alignments with all suspension repairs is what we recommend.

tire replacement

Tires and TPMS

We do tire replacement on passenger cars. We offer balancing, flat repair, TPMS, wheel and tire replacement.


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service

Range Rover

Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service


Repair & Service

What Our Clients Say About Us

Chico auto repair technicians You Can Trust

Did you know, Tedious Repairs has served Chico since 2008. We’ve encountered thousands of problems on cars of all make and model. Plus, there’s not a lot we can’t handle. Often, we find other issues during a car inspection while rendering unrelated stuff, before the car’s problem become serious or leaves your stranded. And, that’s the kind of preventative maintenance that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Also, we strive to provide a 5 star service experience. Above all else, we want you to be satisfied with our work. And, whether you’re searching for a new mechanic or just need a oil change, brakes or emergency fix as you’re passing through town. Then, Tedious Repairs is here for you. And, we serve customers in Chico, Nord, Orland, Hamilton City, Durham and all their surrounding areas. So, come see us for a FREE engine light scan!

Additionally, if you need a auto inspection, collision repair, a locksmith, or just need a new car keycall us at (530) 826-4275.

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14 years experience

Support Local

We have repaired thousands of cars and trucks since in 2008.

warranty repair


All NAPA-brand products include a 3-year/36k mile warranty. Most other products include a 2-year/24k mile warranty.

auto skills

14 years of experience

Our team is trained, qualified, and ready to help!

Chico Auto Repair Family

Family Owned

We're extremely proud of our reputation! Search online for "Tedious Repairs reviews" and see for yourself!

affordable auto repair


We offer affordable car repair, with expert technician repair you can trust and count on in Butte County.

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Our main mission is two-fold: excellent vehicle repair, and complete customer satisfaction.