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Tedious Repairs is a local business offering automotive service in Chico, Ca. Students and locals trust the mechanics and staff with all of their vehicles needs. Our mechanic team provides a wide range of auto repair and maintenance on all make and model cars and trucks.

Looking for help to fix car problems? Maybe you have a check engine light that needs to be read, or you are in need of a cheap oil change, brake repair or tune-up. Need a new transmission or engine? If this is the case you have found the right automotive mechanic shop in Chico, ca.

Over the last 12 years our auto repair shop has earned repeat business from countless customers for a wide range of auto repair needs on cars, trucks, vans, diesels and classic cars. Looking for someone to fix your car ? We have earn over two hundred 5 star reviews from happy customers. Our local business is open weekdays 8 to 5. You are welcome to stop in and talk to us, grab a business card or give us a call or text today!

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Dealership Maintenance for less

Outside of Auto Repair in Chico ca area, we offer factory maintenance and service on most makes and models. We offer the same services as the dealership on cars, vans and trucks. 30k, 60k, 90k, 100k, 120k services along with A and B oil change services. Chico Auto Repair does not have to cost a arm and a leg, give us a call today!

We are currently offering free vehicle inspections, including a check engine light scan with oil changes and all other auto repair jobs. Our mechanics are able to fix car issues quickly. Our auto shop services includes a wide range of issues. Including but not limited to :

Engine repair, problem lights, transmission, brake repair, tune-ups, radiator, car air conditioner, tires, oil change, belts are just the start of what we offer. Auto Repair in Chico.


Drop off your vehicle for a diagnosis or estimate. Simply call us or book online.

Chico Auto Repair & COVID

Staff is taking extra care with the COVID-19 outbreak. Our mechanics here at our automotive garage are cleaning off the areas they come in contact with. Along with the office being disinfected and cleaned multiple times daily. If you would like a no contact service, we have a key drop open 24 hours a day.

Communicate via text or email is always a option if it is easier for you. Customers are welcome to pay for vehicle service over the phone or by PayPal and Venmo. Auto repair near me that you can count on.

Auto Repair Warranty

Tedious Repairs is a Napa Autocare center. Our Chico Ca mechanic shop offers a 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty on mechanic work performed with Napa auto parts. Our warranty covers parts and labor on the parts that were replaced. A car fix or service that was done with new parts not sold from Napa, comes with a 1 year or 12k mile warranty. Any Napa brand parts sold come with a nation wide warranty with any NAPA Autocare center.

Auto Repair & Services

The Chico mechanic team here at Tedious, offers automotive service & transmission. With almost any issue you may be having, our mechanic team is able to diagnose your problem. Chico California locals, students & those passing through trust us with their auto repair needs. Engine, transmission, car A/C engine light diagnosis, tires, suspension, cheap oil change, brakes and more. Fixing issues on a wide range of vehicles.

Vehicles we service

  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Lexus
  • Ford
  • Chevy
  • Nissan
  • Volkswagen
  • KIA
  • BMW
  • GMC
  • Dodge
  • Fiat
  • Subaru
  • Mini Cooper
  • VAN
  • Truck
  • Diesel
  • Range Rover
  • Mercedes
  • Infiniti
  • Hyundai

Mechanics that you can Trust

Are you looking for a free inspection with your oil change in Chico Ca. while you wait? Look no further. Tedious Repairs is offering free inspections with any vehicle repair.

Often our mechanic team is able to find problems in the early stages. This avoids costly repairs and vehicle break downs. We like to take care of your problems before they get out of hand, leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

Our mechanics has been serving the Chico area since 2008. We have encountered thousands of problems on cars and trucks of all make and models. Some know us as a mechanic shop others as a oil change station. In the end we strive to make our customers happy and provide quality 5 star service.

With over 12 years of experience, the mechanic team here at Tedious Repairs have advanced automotive repair skills and knowledge. If you are looking to build a long lasting relationship or just need our auto repair services one time, Tedious Repairs is here for you and all your car or truck needs. Service Chico Ca, Nord, Orland, Hamilton City, Durham and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us as your Mechanic?

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Auto repair in Chico Ca since 2007. We repair and service all makes and model vehicles.

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Expert Mechanics

Our team are experts in auto repair in Chico Ca.

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Low Cost

We provide great prices on all automotive repair in Chico.

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We offer a 3 year warranty on all Napa brand products. 1 year on all other new parts we provide.

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High rated reviews from customers.

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High Quality Work

100% Customer Satisfaction is our highest priorty.

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5 Star Reviews

5 star auto repair
Took my car in on Memorial Day because the AC wasn't working after I bought it from a shady used car dealership a few weeks prior. Buddy took care of me. Aside from looking into the AC he also gave the car a once over to see if anything else needed to be addressed.

Turned out I needed some brake pads, an oil change and a cabin air filter (thanks shady used car dealer!). Buddy did the diagnosis within a couple hours of me dropping it off and gave me a quote and a few different routes to go.

I had the car back the next day and the the AC blows nice and cold!
Keep in mind that this was over the holiday weekend (l'm guessing that had I not taken it in on Memorial Day, I would have had it back the same day).

I feel like I got a good deal and that Buddy was honest. He was even able to save me a couple hundred bucks, which is important to me in these economically stressful times. Can't recommend Tedious enough! You guys rock! Mechanics in Chico Ca you can trust! 5 stars!

Taylor Jamies
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Tedious Repairs is offering a monthly oil change drawing.