Why Won’t My Car Start?

Why Won’t my car start?

car wont start
Truck won’t start

Fixing cars and trucks isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially diagnosing the issue in the first place. It takes a lot of experience, plenty of time, and even more brain power over brute force to diagnose what’s wrong with a vehicle in 2022. It becomes even harder when the issue at hand is as simple yet broad as “Why won’t my car start?” Great question. A hard question, but perhaps that’s what makes it great.

Today we’re going to cover some of the common issues that may be preventing your car from starting, starting with some of the more obvious ones then working our way to the more complex issues that may require a professional to fix. With these tips, hopefully you’ll understand better what may be wrong with your vehicle and how to get your engine started sooner than later.

Engine Starting Issues From A to Z (basically)

As we go through this list, you may want to check off items that are related or not related to your car or truck starting problems. It’s always good to go with your gut and start with the most likely solution, but be sure to eliminate the possibilities with care so you know how to proceed if things become increasingly complicated.

Bad Battery

This ones fairly common, and is likely the cause of your problem these days. Battery tech has come a long way and they tend to last a lot longer now, besides that they’re not cheap anymore to replace. So don’t replace the battery unless there’s serious obvious problems with powering the electrical system too (not just starting the engine). Sometimes it’s best to get a professional’s  battery testing machine when it’s time to replace a battery. If you have questions about battery replacement, feel free to give us a call or email. We offer free battery testing by appointment.

how alternators work

Bad Alternator

The alternator recharges your car battery using energy converted from the engine, and if it’s not working, neither will your car. Sometimes you’ll hear a high pitched squeal when turning the key that can mean the alternator bearings have gone bad. Or you may notice the radio tends to distort when revving the engine. These are all signs of alternator problems.

The vehicles battery light often indicated issues with the alternator, which send many rookies on a loop. Without a digital multi meter or proper scan tool, it can be hard to determine why your car is not not starting anymore. If your check engine is light on or your car won’t start (showing the electrical system functions but not well enough), then give us a call and we’ll help you figure out the issue with one of our techs. Chico alternator replacement at Tedious is something we do quiet often.

 Bad Engine Starter Motor

The engine starter is a motorized system meant to jumpstart the vehicle when you turn the key. But if the engine starter is broken, stuck or not working well, it can keep your engine from starting. Often this requires professional diagnostics to identify correctly. Starter repair and replacement is something our mechanics specializes in.

Bad Ignition

The ignition is the part that turns over the motor to start your vehicle. When you use your key to start the engine, the starter spins the flywheel or flex plate quickly, to get the engine spinning fast enough to start. If the ignition’s electrical system isn’t working, this can also stop your car from starting. Also your cars ignition switch can cause your car to suddenly turn off.

Out of Fuel

Sure this one’s a little silly to have to write down, but with gas prices higher than ever I think we’re all pushing the limits further and further than we ever have. If you left that gas light on just before things went wonky, that may indeed be why you can’t start the engine now. If that’s the case, just refuel your vehicle of course.

Car wont start?

car wont start chico
My car won’t start !

That’s what Tedious Repairs is here to do! Our expert auto technicians will get your engine started, your alternator repaired or your ignition fixed! They will help with whatever you need to get you back on the road!

Use the contact information below to call, text, email, or schedule an appointment online using our book an appointment app if your car won’t start. Thanks for reading! Let us know, in the comments, if you can think of other causes regarding cars not starting. We’ll add them to the next article.

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