Why is my check engine light on ?


The Check Engine light strikes fear into the hearts of some drivers, and is totally ignored by just as many. Just what it means is a mystery to most of us in Chico CA. I have even seen some customers have the light covered up with their favorite picture of their child or pet. Things do not need to be this way, Tedious Repairs is here to help. 

First off, if your vehicle Check Engine light is flashing, that means that something is wrong that could cause severe damage to the catalytic converter or other components. DO NOT KEEP DRIVING THE VEHICLE ! Get that taken care of right away, before you cost your self thousands or dollars or worse, a new engine. If your Check Engine light is flashing, you shouldn’t drive at Chico highway speeds or even at all. You will need to call tow  truck of your choice, we use North Valley Towing or Brown’s Towing . I would rather spend $70-$100 on a tow them cost myself a new motor.

If the light is glowing steadily, you should book an appointment with us online or come drop it off as soon as possible. You can always just call to schedule an appointment with your Chico service advisor to get it checked out at 530-826-4275.

Vehicle Diagnostic Report
Diagnostic and Battery Report on a Mini Cooper

Some more information from Tedious Repairs on how the Check Engine light works may be informative. Most of your vehicle engine functions are controlled by a computer, not surprisingly, called an engine control computer. The computer is able to adjust many engine parameters for environmental conditions, engine condition and even the way you drive in Chico.

In order to make these adjustments, the vehicle computer relies on a network of sensors to provide data. The computer knows the proper operating range for each sensor. When a sensor reading is out of range the computer runs some tests and may turn on the Check Engine light.

The vehicle computer will also try to make adjustments to compensate for some readings. If it can do so, it’ll then turn off the Check Engine light.

If the problem can’t be resolved then the light will remain on and you should get your vehicle looked at at Tedious Repairs. Your friendly and knowledgeable service technician will plug a scanner into the on-board diagnostic port and read the trouble code stored in the computer. The trouble code will give your Tedious Repairs technician a starting place as he diagnoses the cause of the problem.

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Is Your Check Engine Light On?

check engine light

That check engine light is annoying, isn't it? Don't worry, we can help! At Tedious Repairs, we can run diagnostics and repair whatever issue is causing the check engine light, whether it's overheating, fluid leaks, electrical problems, and more.

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