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Wheel Bearing repair

Wheel Bearing Replacement

Wheel Bearing Replacement

A wheel bearing is an automotive device used to connect the wheels to the axle. Wheel bearings come in sets of steel balls. Each car has a total of 4 sets of wheel bearings. Wheel bearings will be found in the center of your vehicle’s wheel. Each wheel has a hollow metal pole called “the hub.” All-wheel approaches will live inside there. Wheel bearing help reduce friction between the axle and wheels.

Wheel Bearing Repair

Your vehicle’s wheel bearing should last you a long time. On average, wheel bearing last anywhere between 85,000 miles and 100,000 miles. However, this does depend on how well the wheel bearings are being taken care of. For example, driving through thick mud constantly can create wear on the wheel bearings. Water, for example, will create rust on the wheel bearing, causing it not to work as well as it had once. If dust or salt gets past the layers of protection surrounding the wheel bearing, the wheel bearings could have a shortened life span.

Wheel bearing history

Philip Vaughan invented the wheel bearing design. He invented it in 1794. Before the wheel bearing was created, the wheel bearing was fixed to the vehicle’s axle. This made them rotate all together instead of independently. Today, all cars have wheel bearings.

Wheel bearing replacement

Tedious Repairs offers wheel bearing replacement on all makes and models. Our automotive repair shop has been repairing wheel delivery since 2007. Our expert team of mechanics has over 15 years of experience. Tedious Repairs can fix all things automotive repair. If you’re having any automotive troubles, bring your vehicle down today!

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