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Wheel Alignment

What is Wheel Alignment?

Are Your Wheels Out Of Alignment?

Subaru wheel alignment
Tedious Repairs works on all Subaru problems.

If you’ve noticed your car feels like it’s steering itself without your control, your vehicle may need wheel alignment. Alignment ensures your tires are angled straight ahead and don’t pull in the wrong direction, which causes steering issues as well as increased wear and tear on your vehicle. Many older vehicles have this problem and drivers often overlook it, but it’s unsafe and can easily became a serious issue over time. Come to Tedious Repairs and we’ll realign your vehicle and get your back on the road safe, quick, and affordably.

What Causes Wheel Misalignment?

Simply, wheel misalignment happens over time to every vehicle from constant motion during driving, especially on poorly maintained streets. The more frequent and unusual the impact the tires take, the further misaligned they become. This can be caused by bumps, accidents, or even lopsided (convex) roads that pull the tires in opposing directions. Alignment usually gets particularly bad after any serious accident or other incident that severely effects the wheels, including off-roading. So if you need cheap alignment near you then Tedious Repairs is the one to call at (530) 826-4275.

Common Signs That You Need Alignment Service

The most common and obvious sign that your wheels are out of alignment is your vehicle pulling to either side while you’re driving. To test this, simply drive down a straight road with both hands centered on the wheel to keep it straight and see if you feel it pull against you, or see the vehicle move to the side. Other signs of misalignment include:

  • Squealing from the wheel well
  • Uneven wear on the treads of your tires
  • Your steering wheel moves by itself, or vibrates on smooth roads (especially while turning)

It’s always necessary to align new tires, although this is typically included with professional installation. In extreme cases, tires can rub against the inside well and wear away the sidewall, which itself is a fairly obvious issue and should be remedied immediately.

How Can Tedious Repairs Help

Bring your car or truck into Tedious Repairs and we’ll make sure the rubber hits the road at just the right angle. We’re the best alignment shop in town. Just give us a call for a quote on wheel alignment cost, or if you prefer drop by in-person at 2695 CA-32. You’ll get a smoother ride, better mileage, better control, and it’s better for your tires too. We handle front wheel alignment and rear wheel alignment, 4 wheel alignment, truck alignment, and more. Feel free to call for wheel alignment prices or if you have any questions.

tie rod ends and alignment
vehicle aligned out perfect after new tie rod ends

Time for Wheel Alignment?

wheel alignment

Tedious Repairs is the place to get your wheel alignment in Chico, CA. Our techs have decades of experience and are here to help answer your questions any time.

Please use the contact information below to call or text, email, or schedule an appointment online using our app. Thanks for visiting and check in later for more!

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  1. Shammy Peterson

    You got my attention when you said that should consider wheel alignment if you hear squealing sounds from the wheels and when the steering wheel moves by itself. This is something that I will share with my husband so he can have his car serviced as soon as possible. He mentioned one time that he tried driving on a straight road, and he noticed that his car keeps drifting to the other side of the road. I don’t want his safety to be compromised. Thanks!

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