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What is Auto Repair?

What is Auto Repair?


Auto repair is the service and repair of cars, trucks and vans When vehicles break down, need service or have other issues that need to be handled, this is known as automotive  repair. Vehicle repair is different that vehicle maintenance. Cars and trucks require regular services in order to be dependable. These machines drive from point A to B, and are used for transportation, hauling, farming, and countless other tasks for everyday life. What is auto repair? For most its just fixing your car when it breaks down, to others its everyday life.  Read below to understand the thoughts of a mechanic that has been doing it daily for 15 years. 

Why do Cars Break down?


why do cars break ?

Car and trucks break because they are made of metal, plastic and rubber. As things heat up and cool off, they break down and or wear out. Rubber and plastic usually tend to fail first, creating a nest of different problems. One of the most common is fluid leaks. As plastic and rubber break down over the years, age becomes a factor. Heating up and cooling down is a issue. Over the years, plastic tends to become thin and brittle, rubber hoses become swollen and loose their elastic ways and leaks begin develop. 
Coolant, oil and transmission fluid will eventually begin to leak. Often in a vehicles engine bay, or perhaps on your driveway.  Walking out to your vehicle you may discover a spot under the front of the car. You may smell burning or see smoke, if this is the case there is likely some sort of fluid leak dripping on your exhaust system. 
What is a Vacuum leak?
Sometimes tolerances become too great due to rubber or plastic wearing out or vacuum hoses breaking. This causes air intake leaks and vacuum hoses to fall apart. Vacuum leaks cause running issues, creating high idles, rough idles and check engine lights. Rubber belts fail after around 5 years.  A Vacuum leak will cause countless problems. The engine light will illuminate, the vehicle could have a high idle or a idle surge. 
Why do belts break?

broken belt

Over time belts loose their consistency. If drive belts become soaked in fluids, or damaged, they may wear out much sooner. Cracking and stretching is expected and is normal. Over time, worn belts will start to squeal. If these warning signs are ignored, bad things will happen. Belts will fail if left unchanged, and when they do they fall or snap off. With no belt present, components will be disabled from operation. If your belts break off, you will be left overheating, your vehicle will not charge from the alternator, or your steering may be extremely hard to operate. If the timing snaps, your in for a headache! The cylinder heads will need to be removed and the valves will need to be replaced. That one is the worst!

Why should I change my oil?

oil change

Over time, carbon from internal combustion engines begin to mix with your oil. Metal wears, from inside you engine and over time your oil becomes dirty with debris. Eventually oil even begins brake down, becoming watery and effective. At this point, the oil is unable to adequately cool and lubricate the vehicles engine or transmission. When this happens catastrophic failure is immanent. 


What happens if you keep driving you car?

The simple answer is that cars will break down in a thousand ways. Vehicles are built as cheap as possible to compete with other car manufacturer’s. This requires cheap parts, and cars to be built as easy as possible to maximize profits. In the end some brands brake much quicker than others. The car manufactures need to make a profit. Dealerships count on you trading your vehicle in when you are tired of sinking money into the same old machine.

Everyone has experienced some sort of car problems at some point in their life. Even if you do not drive and ride the bus, or catch rides with friends, the odds are something has happened with a car breaking down in your presence. These events are no fun for anyone involved including the recusing party. When we are forced to get a tow truck, sit and wait for friends and family, or simply have no choice but to walk or ride a bike to get to where you going, we learn the value of our vehicle. 

Do You Really Need Auto Repair?

Why do we need auto repair?
We need auto repair services to keep our vehicle running properly

Auto repair is required to keep vehicles driving down the road. Automotive machines must be serviced at regular set intervals in order to keep them in good operating condition. Failure to take care of your automobile will lead to surprise mechanical failures. Better yet, get your self a AAA card because things happen, and cheap tows are a great investment .

Cars have come a long way, and are much more reliably built than cars built 100 years ago. Engines still break down, no matter what. Regular care will reduces these tow truck experiences and make a tremendous difference in your mental health. Cars can last well over 200,000 miles on most makes and models with the proper care, repair & maintenance. 

What is a auto shop?

What is a auto shop?
What is a auto shop ?

A auto shop is a building, garage or mobile business that repairs and services different automotive needs. If you grew up in America then you know what a auto repair shop is most likely. Most automotive shops are open to the public, but some are private or perform fleet only repair for various companies only. Some companies hire fleet mangers along with mechanics to handle the repairs and maintenance of vehicles. 

Many automotive shops specialize in a certain make vehicle, like Honda or Toyota. Other mechanic shops perform certain types of repairs or services like the smog or oil change. While others only offer certain types of repairs, like a body shops and performance shops.

Most auto shops find a niche or automotive skill that relates to the portion of the automobile they wish to work on. Rarely does a shop do it all now days.  


What is auto body Repair?

 autobody repair

Auto body work is the repair of body damage to automobiles. This usually includes painting and structural repairs to vehicles. Auto body work is just as a complex automotive repair. Body work is truly Tedious, it requires lots of patience and practice. Body work is art in some peoples eyes. Welding in new panels, frame straightening and pulling, body filling work (bondo), and paint are required on many of the project. Body work has been around since 1920’s when people needed a dealership alternative.  

Auto repair shops typically do not offer body work and stick to fluids, nuts and bolts. Sometimes both types of shops will do suspension, head lights, tail lights and replacement of bolt on body parts. If you have key or lock problems both will refer you to a locksmith. 

Auto Repair vs. Auto Maintenance

Auto Repair is the repair of a broken automotive vehicle that is currently malfunctioning. Auto maintenance is replacing components and fluids before they break. If you go to the local oil change spot and they change you oil, air filter and transmission fluid, they did preventive maintenance. If you car is towed to a auto shop, because it left you on the side of the road, you need auto repair. If you in Chico, Ca we suggest you call Tedious repairs.

Who invented cars?

 Europe was first on the automotive scene. In 15th century when Leonardo da Vinci was credited with the first transportation devices that moved under their own power. Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot build a steam power vehicle, a tractor the army in France in 1769, she went a whopping 2.5 MPH. The German Karl Benz has been credited with the invention. Some people throw the French in the mix, but we do know the tinkering with automobiles as we know them today, started in 1885. 

Americans took over the automotive game. Charles Edgar Duryea and his brother Frank, created the first SUCESSFUL gasoline powered , 2 stroke, 4 horse power engine. The brothers also started America’s first car manufacturing company. When Henry Ford stepped into the mix, he started Ford motor company. June 16th, 1903 the automotive word came alive and the car scene would forever take off. Ford become one of the biggest and most profitable company in the world. The great depression did not effect Ford, as they thrived while the rest of the country was in ruins. 

The history of cars

By the 1920’s Ford had rivals. GM and Dodge had stepped up and created competition. Now everyone drove Ford’s any more.  During world War 2, the car companies send a majority of their money to help out with the war. It was a easy was to move automobiles and create revenue. 

Car Shop Near Me

In conclusion, there is tons of auto repair and auto body shops in every town. I suggest reading about them online and what they offer. Maybe read about experiences with their customers through reviews.

If you are in Chico Ca and the surrounding area, I suggest giving Tedious Repairs a Call or message. They have been serving the Chico ca area since 2007.  

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