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Water Pump Replacement

Water Pump Replacement

Water Pump Replacement

The water is used to keep your engine cooled. Your car’s coolant sits in the engine’s cooling system. After circulation is complete, the coolant will flow back into the radiator, cooled as it passes. This process will repeat multiple times while driving your vehicle. Without your water pump, your engine would constantly overheat due to the lack of cooling of metal components, resulting in catastrophic engine failure when your water pump leaks; getting your vehicle to a repair shop is critical. Do not continue to drive an overheating car, or expensive repairs are likely to follow. If you have a coolant leak or think your water pump is failing, we can perform a quick free visual look; if that is inconclusive, a pressure check will be needed to accurately diagnose the coolant system issue—top-rated water pump replacement in Chico, California.

Water Pump Repair Near Me

Water Pump Repair

Water pumps should last 60,000 to 100,000 l miles before replacement. When you replace your water pump, you should also replace your vehicle’s timing belt, timing belt tensioner,  and idler pulleys. Most of the time, the timing belt drives the water pump. Because of this, your timing belt May experience wear. Therefore, it should be replaced along with the water pump to ensure no malfunctions!

The history of automotive water pump

H.A. Wirtz invented the automotive water pump. He accomplished this in the mid-1700s. The first kind of water pump was the Coil Water Pump. This water pump is composed of a tube in the shape of a coil, hence the name. This pump was also a low-lift water pump which was a little less technologically advanced compared to the water pumps we use in our day-to-day vehicles.

There are many different kinds of automotive water pumps. Most water pumps are belt-drive,n or chain-operated. However, the Prius, or other electric vehicles, have an electric water pump. Both work to do the same thing, cool the engine; they are powered differently.

Water Pump Replacement Near Me

Tedious Repairs is a trusted local automotive shop. We pride ourselves in offering the 5-star automotive water pump replacement your car needs. Our automotive shop has the experience that qualifies us to repair water pumps. With over 15 years under our belts, our mechanic team knows what we’re doing when replacing coolant pumps! So if you would like to experience the tremendous automotive repair and customer service we offer, bring your car in today.


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