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Auto Repair Estimate Chico

Auto Repair Estimate Online FREE

Auto repair estimates Online right to your phone or email. Knowing what your auto repair bill is going to be, can help you plan for your auto services. That’s why, here at Tedious Repairs, we offer a online FREE quote system to present you with a easy and passive way to get that quote, so that you know what to expect with no pressure. This way you can plan for your investment in your vehicle now or in the near future. Our vehicle repair quotes are valid for 90 days. Our FREE auto repair estimate Online will include the price of your service or repair. That will include a detailed break down of what you are paying. This includes parts, labor, taxes and fees.

 Once you receive your vehicle repair estimate you can approve some or all the repairs that suit you right there from your email or smart device via text message. Through our partner program Tekmetrics, we are able to make things as transparent as they can be. We send photos and even videos if needed to show why we feel this repair is needed. At this point you can phone a family member, forward or link or simply turn to google to verify what we think if you are feeling unsure. Here in  spring of 2022 things have changed, the customer has full understanding of what is happening with our new system. It has never been easier in explain and communicate with our customers. You can text the shop number 24/7 and we will get to the message as soon as we can.

 By booking an appointment online with us on our web page, you are prioritizing your vehicle repairs and are planned in out schedule. Appointments help everyone stay organized, have parts headed our way, and out staff scheduled to fix your vehicle. At Tedious Repairs, we value organization, commitment, and communication, which betters our workflow and efficiency.  


Every vehicle is different. That’s why we appreciate you taking your time to fill out this sheet.  You VIN number is critical in building a accurate quote. You plate number can usually be decoded if that is easier for you.

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