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automotive inspection

Vehicle Inspection


A vehicle inspection is the most important preventive service you can perform on any vehicle. Many would think a oil service, but truly taking a look under the hood, and under the vehicle is far more important. That is why here at Tedious Repairs we offer FREE vehicle inspection with every service. We want to know what condition your vehicle is in, and what its needs are before something bad happens. Nothing is worse than a tow back to a auto shop after a service was just performed, even if its not the mechanics fault. Most of the time a simple inspection can save a huge headache! 

what to inspection in a vehicle inspection?

Car Inspection
When you receive a vehicle inspection, you need to know what we inspect. We inspect your windshield wiper blades, your car’s lights, air filters, and more! 
Windshield Wipers
When your vehicle is being inspected, the mechanic doing so will look for any bens, missing blades, or tears that might appear.
Air Filters
As your technician continues with the vehicle inspection and reaches the air filters, they must remove your air filter and make sure that it is not damaged or filled with dirt. 
All of your car’s lights will be inspected. Your headlights, parking lights, tail lights, brake lights, hazard lights, and more will all need to be made sure they are working properly.
Road Test
Engine Light Scan
Fluid Check
vehicle inspection chico

Where to repair

Vehicle Inspection Near Me

Vehicle Inspection Near Me

Now that you have learned about vehicle inspections, you must decide where to take your car. Well, Tedious Repairs has been offering complete automotive inspections since 2007. Building a long lasting with a mechanic isn’t always easy, but it will be with us. We apricate each customer that walks through the door and supports our local family business. We offer top rated local auto repair inspections near me in Chico California. 

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