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Cold Air Intake Upgrade On a BMW M5 In Chico At Tedious Repairs
Car Stereo Install Amp Subwoofers In a BMW M3 At Tedious Repairs In Chico
Stereos: We can install anything from a head unit to a full sound system. 
Subwoofers: We can install subwoofers and boxes of all natures. 
​Intakes Systems: We can install custom intakes, or revert your vehicle back to stock.
Exhaust Systems: We can install mufflers, catalytic converters, & exhaust systems.
Suspension Work: Lowering and raising kits, control arms, bushings, camber and caster kits.

External Modification: We can install custom body pieces, kits, headlights, and tail lights. We also do bumpers in metal, plastic, or fiberglass. 
Tow Packages: We can install your trailer systems, and lighting.
Engine Transplants: We have installed countless engines/transmissions from one kind of vehicle into another. These have been one of our favorite projects over the past 10 years. If we can find mounts/computers the options are endless. We are always up for challenges!
Accessory Add-ons: cruise control, switches, gauges, power lock, power window, air condition kits, brake kits, keyless entry, DVD players, and many other aftermarket add-ons.