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Transmission Service Near Me

Transmission Service

Transmission Service

Tedious Repairs offers transmission service on all makes and models, including CVT and European cars. If you are looking for top rated transmission repair near me in Chico, California give Tedious a call today!

How long has transmission Repair been going on?

Transmission repair has been going on for a long time. The first transmission was an automatic transmission. It was built by Alfred Horner Munro. He started to build the transmission in 1921 but, it took him a little while. He finished and had it patent in 1923. The first transmission was built in Boston, United states. 

The first car with a transmission in it was the 1948 Oldsmobile. The transmission inside the Oldsmobile was an automatic. But, before that, there was a transmission in a “Horseless carriage gearbox”.

Cadillac, Buick, and the Oldsmobile, all had automatic transmissions as soon as they could! Those cars upgraded very quickly, and became very popular for that!

Transmission Service Chico

Vehicle transmission history

In 1967 two men decided that they didn’t like the feel of their automictic transmission, and they wanted something else. Those two guys were Jose Braz Ararpie and Fernado Lenly Lemos. 
Hydraulic transmissions converts mechanical energy into pressure and sends it to the motor and the motor converters it back into mechanical energy. Hydraulic transmissions use planetary gearsets instead if manual gearsets. 
Hydraulic transmissions are also known as Hydrostatic transmissions and Diesel-hydraulic transmissions. Diesel-hydraulic transmissions are often used in “railway locomotives”. Hydrostatic transmissions are used mostly in cars. 

Transmission Gears

In 1965, gears were invented. P,R,N, and D. P, meaning park, would make the car able to stop all the way and stay where it is without pressing down the brake pedal. Reverse would make the vehicle go backwards. 

Neutral allows the car to move regardless of the engine speed. Most of the time, people use neutral to move the car when it’s unable to move on it’s own. 

You switch your gears to drive when you just, simply, want to drive. And last, park. Park is the gear you would switch to when you just want to have your car stop without holding the brakes. Today, people still use these same gears!

Transmission Service Near Me

Transmission fluid 

Who invented transmission fluid? Well, general motors or GM did! They invented it in 1940. That means, transmissions ran for nearly 20 years with out transmission fluid! 
Transmission fluid provides pressure, to keep everything moving, inside your. It also lubricates the parts inside your car so that when they rub together 24-7, they aren’t rubbing each other dull! Basically, transmission fluid makes your car last longer. 

Transmission fluid should be changed every 30,000 miles to 60,000 miles. The two types of transmission fluid. Automatic transmission fluid and manual transmission fluid. There is also higher end transmission fluids like synthetic transmission fluid and so on. 

Transmission Service Near Me

Tedious Repairs has been offering transmission repair for over 13 years. They offer transmission repair on cars and trucks! They fix Manual transmissions, Automatic transmissions, and more! 

Since 2007 Tedious Repairs has been offering the Chico community the high-quality transmission repair that they need. They can help you too! 

If you are looking for top rated local transmission service near me in Chico or the surrounding areas, schedule an online appointment, or give us a call today ! 

Transmission Service Near Me