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Are you looking for an auto shop to fix your transmission? Tedious Repairs is a locally owned automotive shop that can help! They have been fixing Chico’s transmissions since 2008! They can fix your too! 
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History of Transmissions 


Transmission repair over the years, has evolved long way from where they are today. In the beginning, they were only manual transmissions. Back when all the cars were manual, there was no other options. They were simple cut meshing gears inside a case with some gear oil. 

transmission service
transmission service

The second transmission that were built for cars was the synchromesh transmission. This transmission was still a manual transmission but, it was a little different. Then came the automatic transmission. After that, was the manumatic transmission. Then, the sequential manual gearbox transmission. And to top it, the dual clutch transmission.

The first person to invent an automatic transmission was Alfred Horner Munro. He invented the automatic transmission in 1921. Of course, our automotive transmission has evolved form what Alfred left it. Other car companies have made their transmissions for their cars but Alfred Munro made his for General Motors or GM as we might know them. 

How does a transmission work

                                  Your car’s transmission is one of the most important machines in your car. It conducts the power form the engine to the wheels. There are many different kinds of car transmissions. Some are automatic transmissions, some are manual transmissions (for stick shift cars). Where is the transmission you ask? Well, the transmission is located in the front of the vehicle. 

 AUtomatic transmission

           Have you ever wondered how the transmission works? The process is different depending on whether or not you have a automatic transmission or and manual transmission. 

But, the transmission, basically, enables the gear ratio between the drive wheels and the engine to adjust as the car slows down or speeds up. When your car is stopped, the transmission disconnects the engine from the drive wheel so that the engine can keep idling without the car moving. Also, transmissions enable quick acceleration from stop to start. 

Manual transmissions

          Manual transmissions have a clutch pedal and a shifter. This allows the driver to manually change gears instead of the car doing it for you. Manual transmissions have gears that consist of a set of gears along with  two shafts, and input and output shafts. The driver has to select the proper gear for that clutch. The clutch is sandwiched in-between the fly wheel and the pressure plate. 

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Fluid and services


What does transmission fluid do for a car? Well, transmission fluid is very important. It lubricates the mechanical parts, it helps maintain fluid pressure in your vehicle, it cools your transmission so that it doesn’t get to hot, it helps prevent oxidation, it conditions your gaskets, and it prevents rust from forming on your car’s transmission. 


How often should you change your transmission fluid? You should change your transmission fluid like you get an oil change. It’s just as important! You need to bring your car in for a transmission fluid change every 30,000 miles to 60,000 miles. Tedious Repairs offers great transmission fluid service. If your due for a change, bring your car in to Tedious Repairs today! 


Tedious Repairs has the experienced mechanics your car’s transmission needs. They have over 13 years of fixing them. We pride our selves in fixing transmission and other auto repair needs. We can help you too! Call, text, email. We got it all! Schedule an appointment today!
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