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How to Reset Toyota Maintenance Light

‘Yotas Last Forever

Toyota is one of the world’s leading auto manufacturers. For almost a century, they’ve developed some of the most notoriously immortal automobiles on the market. From decades old pickups that still go, to little sedans-that-can-in-any-conditions, most people drive ‘Yota’s darn near ’til the wheels fall off (which takes a bit longer than normal).Toyota maintenance and repair in Chico CA

This doesn’t happen often of course, but sometimes after visiting a Toyota mechanic- or handling those repairs yourself- it’s possible that your maintenance light will stay on at all times. Annoying, huh? Well, we’re here to help with this quick little guide on how to reset the maintenance light in most Toyota vehicles.

How to Reset Toyota Maintenance Light

This same procedure works for most models, but you should always check the owner’s manual just in case. To find the owner’s manual for your specific model/year, visit this page of the official Toyota website.

  1. Turn on your car
  2. Turn off vehicle, then Press Trip Reset and Hold
  3. Car on (still Holding Trip Reset)
  4. Keep the Reset Button Pressed until you see dashes then zeros
  5. Release Reset Button

Now the maintenance light should be off and you won’t be constantly wondering if you actually need to see a Toyota mechanic or not.

Other Useful Toyota Resources

One of the more popular forums for Toyota enthusiasts is Toyota Nation. It’s not the prettiest site, but there’s still a lot of useful information and a great community there. Not to mention you can sign up and then ask questions you may not be able to get answered anywhere else.

Want a bit more engagement and maybe some funny Toyota memes too? Then check out the Toyota subreddit. It can get a bit wild, but it’s always fun!

Toyota Oil Service in Chico

Toyota service is one of the less common necessities in life, a testament to the quality of their product. It’ll stay that way too, if you’re careful to keep up with regular upkeep. And with this quick guide, you won’t be stuck with that engine light on all the time either.

But if you need a Toyota mechanic in Chico, call Tedious Repairs! We’re always glad to help with minor or major Toyota repairs, or to answer any questions you might have about our Toyota service offerings.

And please tune in every few days for more helpful pro-tips, Toyota articles, and more!

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