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Toyota Fun-Vii: The Future is Funnii

Toyota Fun-Vii: The Future is Funnii

Toyota Fun-Vii concept car LED display over entire body paneling

As auto mechanics in Chico- a sizable and rapidly growing city with an dominant car culture- we see a lot of wild cars on the roads these days. From classic cars to electric cars to one-of-a-kind rides custom built for prestige, we’ve seen it all. As a matter of fact, the weird stuff might be the most fun to work on. We do so much Toyota car service on a daily basis that a change of pace is nice every once in a while.

But have you ever seen the Toyota Fun-Vii, a car that’s entirely covered with LED lights that can show images like a normal TV? Frankly, it’s a bit ridiculous, but it shows off some of the more promising stuff that the future may hold for automobiles… once we get past the ridiculous stuff, that is.

Today we’re gonna check out the Toyota Fun-Vii and discuss some of the possible benefits and annoyances this car might provide. Considering we’re likely to see a lot of stuff like this on the road in the near future, it can’t hurt to speculate and mentally prep ourselves for the seizure-inducing blinking discotheque to come.

Unfortunately, there’s not been a lot of info on this thing since they unveiled it in 2011, but it’s a concept car; it’s speculative anyway. So let’s speculate, eh?

What Does the Fun-Vii Even Do?

Toyota Fun-Vii concept car showing cloud display

Toyota president Akio Toyoda called the Fun-Vii a “smartphone on four wheels” and if you’re anything like us, that isn’t a particularly strong selling point. Sounds a little annoying to be honest, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt to start.

First of all, despite being shaped funny like all concept cars must be, the most obvious quality of the Toyota Fun-Vii is that it’s covered in LED lights that function like any common computer or TV display. Using a connected smartphone, the driver can change the external display and look of the vehicle on a whim. The benefit is fairly obvious for a business (branding and advertising), but imagine what an end-consumer could do with it too. It would be easier than ever to share your political opinions with everyone on the road so no one wants to talks to you ever again! 😉

Besides the potentially maddening blinking lights, the Fun-Vii also planned to offer a mind-boggling 3D avatar projected from the dashboard. Like, a hologram basically. If you aren’t almost 40, you may not really know what that is since it was too ridiculous to believe even in ‘80s sci-fi movies. Imagine a virtual assistant like Cortana the app, standing there displayed like a person in real life. So like Cortana, but from the video game instead.

Could be helpful, could be distracting too. Either way, we’re gonna have to get tech degrees to do Toyota repair service in Chico.

Internet Interconnected

While the LED external paneling and AI-augmented 3D virtual assistant may seem a bit far fetched still now after a decade from the original announcement, Toyota also promised something else that’s already common in some vehicles (including fleet vehicles like buses and dump trucks): wireless communication between vehicles. This is a feature already seen on some newer concept cars that use AI-powered driving aides to keep cars and trucks from colliding with each other, and undeniably it will be standard protocol in the future once the technology evolves.

Of course, telecommunication between individual Toyota trucks is not standard protocol at all. But it’s already being used in the real world today! It’s essentially guaranteed for mass adoption in the future.

Still a Long Way Out

Of course, something as wild as this, even by today’s more advanced standards isn’t going to be coming out any time soon. There has been such scant information about the Toyota Fun-Vii since 2011 that it’s safe to presume it’s a dead project or at least evolved into another form by now. They’ve barely mentioned it a few times since, in 2013 and 2016. I dare say, it’s not likely to happen in the form it had in 2011.

Nonetheless, it’s hard to imagine this LED display technology won’t make it to vehicles some day.

Toyota Repair Specialists in Chico!

Toyota Fun-Vii virtual hologram assistant

We can only imagine auto service on a Toyota like this would b nothing short of an absolute price-crushing nightmare. If someone bumps a grocery cart too hard into a Fun-Vii, it might be totaled out completely! Replacing those panels requires some kind of electrical certification. Regardless, we’re excited to see something like this on the road in the future. We wouldn’t mind a chance to work on one either. It would be a challenge even for a skilled Toyota technician.

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