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Timing Belt Repair


Have you ever had car- timing belt troubles and needed timing belt repair? If you need Chico timing belt replacement, Tedious Repairs is available and happy to assist you. We can help with all your vehicle needs. If it’s timing belt & water pump related or not, We have got you covered! Read more about timing belts here!
timing belt repair chico


Timing belts are very important to the cars operation system. For one, your car’s timing belt is set in the place to make sure that the movement of your camshaft and  crankshaft, are perfectly synchronized. If they are not, it can and will, result in more costly, time consuming, rigorous repairs. And nobody wants that! But remember, if you are suspicious or you are for sure knowing that you need timing belt replacement, or can not find a sticker showing it has been done, come down and see us! 

Most of the time when timing belts break, it is because they were not replaced in the timely manner, resulting in a parts failure.  Taking proper care of your car, like getting an oil change when your due, can make your car features and parts and even life last much longer.


 When should I replace my timing belt you may ask? It may vary based on you vehicles make and model. On average, it is about 100,000 miles before your cars timing belt needs to be replaced. Also, you should replace your timing belt is if any teeth are missing. Yes, I know. Why does my timing belt have teeth? Your timing belt has little groves on it that act as teeth to grip on tightly and help the belt better complete it’s job. If these “teeth” are missing, your cars operation will not be running properly.


Where can I get my Chico timing belt replaced? Or my oil changed, or any other car problems I am experiencing? Don’t worry, friend! I know just the place for you! Tedious Repairs has been locally owned and operated science 2008 and have shun the light on many people’s car problems. Tedious Repairs loves to satisfy their costumers any way that they possibly can. We have loads and loads and loads for 5 star reviews from happy customers! 


We are ready to help you today! Come on by and drop you car off with experienced, high quality mechanics that we provide for you. We’ll have your car out in a jiffy! So come on by for timing belt repair!

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