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timing belt service

Timing Belt Service

Timing Belt service

Timing belt replacement service are critical maintenance to maximize your vehicles life span. Have you ever had car-timing belt troubles and needed timing belt repair? If you need Chico timing belt replacement, Tedious Repairs is available and happy to assist you. We can help with all your vehicle needs. If it’s timing belt & water pump related or not, We have got you covered! Read more about timing belts here! Top rated timing belt service near me in Chico California.

why did my timing belt break?

Timing belts are very important to the car’s operation system. For one, your car’s timing belt is set in place to make sure that the movement of your camshaft and crankshaft, are perfectly synchronized. If they are not, it can and will, result in more costly, time-consuming, rigorous repairs. And nobody wants that! 

But remember, if you are suspicious or you are for sure knowing that you need timing belt replacement, or can not find a sticker showing it has been done, come down and see us! 

Most of the time when timing belts break, it is because they were not replaced in a timely manner, resulting in a parts failure.  Taking proper care of your car, like getting an oil change when you are due, can make your car features and parts and even life last much longer. 

Why did my timing belt break ?

how often do you replace a timing belt

Timing belts needs to be replaced every 5 years or 90-120k miles. Depending on the model of vehicle. Some cars say every 5 years or 90,000 miles, while others say 120,000 miles. It is important to check your vehicle manufacture’s website on manual  to get accurate information on when it should be done. Even more importantly, you should keep a records and install a timing belt replacement sticker under the hood so that no one looses track of when it has been done last.
It brings bring  great relief to your mechanic when he pops your new to you car’s hood and finds that trusty t-belt belt sticker. No one wants to sell you something that you do not need, but if there is no record of the belt being changed, it is very important that you replace that timing belt kit before some cataphoric fails and you require new valves, head work, or maybe even a new engine. 

What is replaced with a timing belt?

When replacing your vehicle’s timing belt, you replace a pile of parts. If the job is done correctly, the entire kit is done. Many vehicle’s have the water pump driven by the timing belt. If this is the case on your vehicle, we replace the water pump as well. The water pump is a wear item and is likely to leak before the timing belt breaks. 

Along with the pump and belt, The tensioner and idlers are crucial in this repair process. These items rotate in circles as your belt spins. These items are bearings or have bearing in them. If you do not replaced these and one freezes in place, your timing belt may snap or be thrown off track.

Seals are another part that you do not want to skip. cam seals, crank seals and balancer shaft seal all must be replaced when doing the component kit replacement. If these seal are not done, you risk the chance of oil leaking on the timing belt and causing pre-mature failure, causing the timing belt to fail. Another rare thing that may happen is manifold vacuum leaks. BMW and other vehicles love to create vacuum leaks and send you on a huge circle of diagnostic time. 

Timing Belt
Timing Belt Near Me

Timing belt service Near ME

 Here at Tedious Repairs our staff has been at it a long time. 15 years now! We have fixed hundred of timing belt issues for the locals and students of Chico, California. Timing belt near me does not need to be a headache. 
Give us a buzz today off fill out our free online vehicle repair estimator to get a quote today!

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