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Chico Thermostat Repair

Tedious Repairs is a local, top-rated auto repair shop in Chico, California that offers help with overheating vehicles.

Thermostat Repalcement in Chico, CA

If your temperature gauge rises and you notice it’s higher than it was, you may be overheating your vehicle. We can diagnose those overheating issues. Tedious Repairs offers car thermostat repair near me in Butte county. 

Thermostat repair is pretty common during the summer around this area. Cars and trucks start overheating with no leaks until coolant boils out of the overflow. If your vehicle is overheating and you are not sure why. The thermostat is a real possibility. Things like cooling fans and lousy head gaskets can cause this as well. 


A car thermostat is a device that keeps the car’s engine at a specific temperature. The thermostat controls the amount of hot water that travels through the radiator.

What does a car thermostat do?

A thermostat has multiple jobs. First, it regulates coolant temperature by opening coolant passageways. For example, when your car is cold in the morning, most of your engine’s coolant passageways are closed to allow the machine to heat up. When your engine is cold, your car uses more gas. It uses less gas when the engine warms up and archives closed-loop fuel control.

Your car’s coolant or antifreeze is kept within the engine and outside the machine in a reservoir and radiator. When the engine starts, the coolant is used to cool down the mechanical components to help reach the optimal running temperature. Then, the thermostat’s valve will open, allowing the coolant into the engine! 

Do all cars have thermostats?

All modern gasoline power vehicles have at least one thermostat when sold by the manufacturer. One of your thermostats is connected and used for your car’s AC system, while the other is used to help cool down your engine. 

How does a car thermostat work?

The average human body temperature is 98.6 degrees F. If your body is above that temperature, there is probably something wrong. The engine is the same way! The average engine temperature is between 180-220 degrees. 

The mechanical reaction of a car thermostat

When a vehicle thermostat reaches the optimal temperature, the spring on the thermostat will compress down onto the wax while the wax is slowly melting. When the wax is melted, the rod connected to the valves, blocking the coolant from flowing to the engine, will open, allowing your coolant to flow into the machine. Without your thermostat, your engine would take a long time to warm up to operating temperature. 

When your car is cold, the thermostat reads the temperature, and the wax begins to solidify. This closes the valve that your coolant is supposed to come out of, stopping the engine from cooling and allowing it to get warm! 

What are the different types of car thermostats?

There are three main kinds of thermostats; The first one is the conventional wax thermostat. The wax thermostat works by converting thermal energy into mechanical energy. It does this by the wax on the thermostat getting hot and melting! 

The electrically-heated wax thermostat uses wax, like the conventional wax thermostat. However, unlike the traditional thermostat, the electrically heated thermostat controls the temperature of the resin.

Electrically actuated thermostats increase engine combustion efficiency. They also reduce emissions! These thermostats are usually found in newer cars!

Thermostat Replacement

How long does a thermostat last?

Usually, electrically actuated thermostats last up to 10 years. If your engine is overheating, your thermostat should most likely be replaced since your thermostat controls the temperature of your machine and its surrounding areas. 
Conventional wax thermostats last about ten years too. Usually, once a new kind of thermostat comes out, people have it replaced. Another reason someone may have their thermostat replaced is that their AC won’t turn on or off when it is supposed to. 
The electrically-heated wax thermostat also lasts ten years. Short cycling indicates that your electrically heated wax thermostat should be replaced. Having your thermostat checked out is vital if your car is experiencing overheating issues. 

Thermostat Replacement Near Me in Chico, CA

Tedious Repairs has been fixing truck thermostat problems for over 15 years. Since 2007 Tedious Repairs has been offering the Chico community high-quality automotive services in our area. 

Bring your car down today to receive any thermostat services or diagnostics on overheating vehicles! 


Car Thermostat Repair Near Me