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Tesla Repair Near Me

Tesla Repair

Chico Tesla Repair

Few places in our area are ready to work on Tesla. With that in mind, Tedious Repairs is your dealership alternative for Tesla repair and service in Chico, California. Our automotive facility is up to date with the technology by learning the ways of Electric Vehicles. We have worked on Prius and Volts vehicles for years, providing our customers with services and repairs. A majority of electric vehicles are built the same way as gas cars. We can fix more things than the average mechanic shop. Tesla Repair near me in Chico California.

Tesla Service in Chico, CA

When looking for Tesla service, pickings are slim. At our service center, we offer a few benefits that may save you a trip to the local dealership, and save you some cash at the same time.

Cabin Filter – Cabin filters should be replaced every 6 months in your Tesla. The shop’s Tesla has a nearly clogged filter in 6 months and 10,000 miles.

Tires – Tedious Repairs can replace tires and TPMS sensors on your vehicle. We also have found some cheaper tesla tires that are aftermarket that we put on our own vehicle with no issues. TPMS sensors seem to always have issues. Tesla TPMS repair near me.

12v Battery – Tesla vehicles have a normal car battery as well as a high-voltage setup. We are currently only able to replace the aux. Battery.

Ac Repair – Tesla vehicles have similar AC setups as gas vehicles. The biggest difference is the AC compressor is not belt driven, it is electric.  We are able to fix a majority of your AC system. We can find leaks and recharge the YF gas.

Tilt Screen- The shop Tesla has a tilt screen kit installed.  There is a few options, but the main point is to be able to move the screen toward either the driver or passenger.

Mud Flaps – Once again the shop vehicle has custom mud flaps installed. If you are tired of spraying rocks, we can help with that.

USB Charger Splitter – If you need a USBC adapter or 4 port splitter, we can order and install those units.

Tesla Repair Near Me

Tesla Repair Near Me in Chico, Ca

Tedious Repairs will continue to adapt and evolve to keep up with EV vehicles and the ways cars are heading. If your looking for a local mechanic that can work on your vehicle outside the official service center, give Tedious a jingle today! Tesla Repair near me in Chico, California.


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