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Tesla Cabin Air Filter Service

Replacing Tesla Cabin Air Filters

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Tesla cars are fascinating vehicles for many reasons, not least of which would be the electric motor and regenerative braking system. Tesla’s are considered luxurious rides as well, thanks to the numerous amenities including its notorious autonomous driving system. Another reason though is that Tesla owners enjoy a best-in-class climate control system, making every drive a breeze- or, as breezy as you want, at least.

One of the essential car parts in the heating and cooling system of your vehicle is the cabin air filter. Not only does it keep the air clean, a clean filter also preserves the lifespan and efficiency of the air system. Today we’re going to talk about Tesla air filters and what you can do to protect the quality of the air in your Tesla vehicle.

(For a quick crash course in air filters, see our FAQ: “What is a Cabin Filter?”)

Tesla Filter Maintenance Schedule

Tesla suggests replacing the Model 3 air filter at least every 2 years. However, when it comes to the maintenance schedule on air filters, it’s essentially up to you if you want to change the air filter in your Tesla sooner. That’s because you’re the one who can tell if the air is dirtier than normal, or if you need an air filter replacement because every time you turn on the A/C, the whole cabin stinks.

Besides cabin odors assaulting your senses, you may notice the sound of your HVAC or A/C system working harder than normal (a loud whirring whenever you enable the cooling or heating system). That may be due to the cabin air filter being clogged from excess debris, a clear sign that it needs to be replaced. In extreme cases, you may even see dirty air blowing into the cabin of your Tesla; this is especially noticeable under bright lights.

If the thought of dirt and other people’s skin dust blowing in your face isn’t appetizing, you may want to consider replacing your Tesla air filter at your own discretion.

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How Tedious Repairs Can Help

Leave the air filter replacement to us! At Tedious Repairs, we can get you a new Tesla air filter and install it for you too! Just give us a call using the information below and we’ll get you setup with an appointment today. You can also send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours (usually same day), or if you prefer, schedule an appointment online using our app.

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