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Did you know? Tesla brakes use a new special kind of electric disc brake that’s so impressive, it’s likely to become industry standard in short time. They’re so efficient, they actually help regenerate the Tesla’s electric battery. Not only is this great for increased mileage, Tesla brakes and rotors actually last quite a lot longer than standard brakes too.

Let’s delve deeper into some interesting facts about Tesla brakes, Tesla brake maintenance, and what you can do to fix your Tesla brakes when something goes wrong. If you drive a Tesla vehicle (or even if you don’t), feel free to comment at the end of the article and let us know how you feel about the revolutionary new braking system pioneered within Tesla-brand vehicles.

Made by Brembo

If one day you find yourself looking for replacement Tesla brakes, you may spin a few circles before learning that Tesla doesn’t actually make their own brakes (no one really does). Tesla brakes are manufactured by a company called Brembo, which is headquartered in the city of Bergamo in Italy. You may already know, but many of the world’s best automotive engineers live, learn, and build cars in Italy, not unlike the great Renaissance artists of old. So it’s clear why Tesla partnered with Brembo to produce highly-specialized electric brakes.

How Do Tesla Brakes Work?

Though Tesla regenerative brakes are special-made, they’re still disc brakes like most cars today. They still have calipers, brake pads, but Tesla’s also use heat-resistant ceramic housing that keeps brake friction from damaging the chassis of your car. Some Tesla’s use hydraulic actuators in their braking system, but most use electric actuators instead.

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Benefits of Tesla Brakes

The obvious and primary benefit of an electric brake system over a hydraulic brake system is that there is no brake fluid to clean, replace, or leak everywhere so the brakes can’t fail due to a fluid leak. Brake service and brake maintenance is easier because you don’t have to bleed brake lines or do any brake pressure testing during regular maintenance.

Additionally, the diagnostic data reported to the Tesla’s onboard CPU is much more versatile and makes it much easier to pinpoint specific brake problems. Overall, Tesla brake service just isn’t necessary as often as it service is necessary with other brakes.

We hope that sheds a little light on how Tesla brakes differ from traditional brake systems currently in use by non-electric vehicles: not much when it comes to how the vehicle is stopped by the brakes, but moreso in how the braking system is administered (and the energy it recycles to the electric motor, of course).

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If you want to learn more about other types of braking systems besides those used by cars, check out our article “Types of Brakes by Land, Sea & Air”. Thanks again for reading and see you again soon!

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