Chico Suspension Repair And Upgrades

Chico Auto Repair on Suspension

The mechanics here at Tedious Repairs perform a wide range of suspension work on your car or truck. We have been able to resolve hundreds of issues with suspension repairs over the last decade. We offer auto repair on just about any suspension issue you may be having. We are able to find noises and steering problems on your vehicle. From simple shocks and struts to a rebuilt front end.

Shocks and Struts in Chico

Do you need some work done before your wheel alignment? The Mechanics here at Tedious Repairs offer auto repair on shocks and struts. Are your tires wearing uneven ? Are pot holes and dips bottoming out your vehicle? Our Mechanics are able to diagnose your suspension issues.

Upgraded Suspension

Are you looking for someone to install a lift kit ? We love doing leveling kits, air shocks, caster and camber kits. We work on lowered cars along with trucks that are lifted. If you are looking for some custom work, The mechanics at Tedious Repairs are up to the task!

* Tie Rods
* Steering Rack & Pinion
* Ball Joints
* Shocks
* Struts
* Control Arms
* Steering Links
* Lift Kits
* Swap Bars
* Bushings
* Camber Kits
* Leveling Kits
* Noises
* Leaks
* Diagnosis

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