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Subaru repair

SUBARU Service

Tedious Repairs performs jobs such as factory maintenance, head gaskets, timing belts, brakes, clutches, axles, diagnosis & countless other Subaru Services. We can get just about any issues you are having resolved.  We have been keeping Subaru cars on the road since 2008.

Tedious Repairs works on Ford vehicles of all types. Cars. Trucks, classics & mustangs. to learn about what your Subaru may need, click here.  If you want to learn about Chico’s Subaru mechanics, click here!


Subaru is the name of a Japanese automotive manufacturing company. Subaru’s are very common cars. Subaru’s come in many makes and models. We have the  “Outback”, the “Sedan”, the “Crosstrek” and more. Subaru is the twenty first automotive manufacturing company in the game. Subaru’s founder, Kenji Kita, made the cars known for their “Boxer Engine layout” and reliability. This year alone, Subaru sold about 600,000 cars! 
Subaru repair

Subaru history

Did you know, the first ever made Subaru was called the “1500”. The 1500 was born into the automotive world in 1954. The next car to be made by Subaru was the tiny air cooled car, also known as the “360”. This car was made in 1958. After that, the Sambar in 1961. Then, the 1000. This car was the first boxer engine vehicle Subaru produced. This engine type is similar to what we have in our now-a-days Subaru’s. 



At Tedious Repairs, we offer Subaru  Oil Change services for all of our customers! We offer full synthetic blend oil changes, synthetic blend oil changes, and more! Subaru’s oil changes need to occur every 8,000 to 10,000 miles for a long lasting, safe Subaru!


We also do A/C service on Subaru’s! We offer A/C recharges, fixing your A/C, A/C filter replacement, and much more! So, if your A/C isn’t blowing as cold as you’d like, or not blowing cold at all, bring your Subaru down today! We will diagnose the problem, repair it for you, and have you back on the road in no time! 


Some times, your Subaru‘s engine may fail… But it’s okay! Tedious Repairs offers engine replacement as well! Your engine is the heart if your car. Your car can’t function properly with out your engine up and running to it’s full potential. So, it is cruel to have your Subaru‘s engine fix or replaced at the first sign of malfunction. 


Your Subaru’s transmission fluid is crucial to the transmission operating. If you don’t have any transmission fluid, or it is dirty, your transmission may break and turn in to a more costly, time consuming repair instead of a simple service job. 

Along with your Subaru‘s engine, your transmission is very very important to your car. The transmission needs to up and running correctly and properly. 


For manual Subaru’s, or stick shifting Subaru’s, you have a clutch. The clutch makes it possible for you to change or shift gears. With out it, your car wouldn’t be able to shift. It would be stuck in one gear. So, it is really important to your Subaru that you have that serviced.

Timing belt

We also offer timing belt and water pump repair, replacement, and service for your Subaru. A timing belt is an internal engine part. And we know how important the engine is. So it must be important t have your timing belt repaired! 


Brakes. Tedious Repairs offers you brake replacement. If your brakes are squeaky, or just not working how they used too, you need to have them replaced as soon as possible!


If your Subaru‘s tires need to be aired up or replaced, bring your car in today. At Tedious Repairs we offer all things tires. Alignment, Refilling the air, and even just replacing the tire it’s self.


If your having electrical problems like your car not starting, the lights aren’t working, and more, bring your car in today and we will fix those problems up right away! 


We also offer Subaru suspension replacement. Your suspension is also very important to your car. Along with everything else, your suspension is another piece of the automotive puzzle that is your Subaru.


Transmission fluid, motor oil, windshield wiper fluid, and more are all fluids that your car wants and needs. It is very important that you keep up on them. Whether it’s just a top off, or it draining and refilling your fluids, it needs to be done. Failure to have your fluids serviced when they need to be, could result in other, more costly, repairs. 

Tedious Repairs

As you can tell, we offer a lot of different types of Subaru auto repair. So, you need any of these, bring your car down today!

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