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Chico Subaru Mechanic

Chico Subaru Mechanic

Although a fair niche brand in the US, Subaru cars and trucks enjoy a special appreciation for their off-road ability, reliability, and superior handling. They're considered ideal vehicles for working parents and employees and even do great in drifting competitions, which we imagine is most of the appeal for those who enjoy going fast and furious.

Subaru is the automobile manufacturing division of Subaru Corporation of Japan, which primarily works in aerospace and heavy engineering. Subaru Corp has a long history in aerospace and still contracts with Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Their engineering prowess is well-established, and their vehicles are famous for their Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive technology, which is included in almost all Subarus. SAWD provides enhanced steering and rough-road capability, allowing all wheels to drive (push) the vehicle as necessary.

If you’re interested, you can read more about Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive here: Subaru SAWD info

But if you want to see for yourself why people like SAWD, watch this video of someone getting themselves out of a messy situation that most cars would be completely stuck in:

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Like all cars, Subarus operates best when maintained on a regular schedule, even if no apparent issues exist. It can be a pain keeping track of the maintenance, but fortunately, Subaru.com includes several tools, including maintenance schedules, owner’s manuals, recall dispatches, warranty info, and more: Subaru Maintenance Schedules and More.

You do want to keep your Subaru in good condition.

Subaru Mechanic Near Me in Chico, CA

Perhaps the oddest of all automobile marketing could be this anime (Japanese cartoon) that Subaru produced in cooperation with GAINAX Studios. It’s called “Wish Upon the Pleiades”, and if you’d like to see what that’s about, you can watch it here:

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