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Subaru Rallies on the Racetrack!

 Rallies on the Racetrack!

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From the way people tend to drive them on normal roads, you might be surprised to learn that Subaru is actually one of the leading vehicles for rally racing and off-roading. You can actually drive those suckers real hard, if you want. Of course, if you already own a Subaru, you probably already know that.

Interesting factoid: all Subaru’s come with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive transmission. That means the engine is mounted in-line with the drivetrain (powertrain) allowing it to drive all wheels equally, and their drivetrain setup uses less parts too. This makes Subaru much easier to control especially in difficult or low-traction road conditions. This is one of the many reasons Subarus are very popular on the rally circuit. Their typical low center of gravity allows for better road control too, another crucial boon for rally racing.

Subaru Drivetrains Make the Difference

Focusing on an efficient, simpler drivetrain means Subaru auto repair isn’t as hard as vehicle maintenance can be with other makes/models. This may be a marginal difference for a normal consumer, but at the extremes of rally racing, knowing your engine isn’t going to blow or your gearbox isn’t going to drop out 2 hours into a rough race means everything. It’s not just improved reliability. It also translates to more confidence that you can drive as hard as you possibly can. Drive well, I mean. You drive however suits you, that’s none of our business, but I digress.

Another curious characteristic of your average Subaru is the Boxer engine, which is a horizontal engine instead of a more conventional vertical engine. That is, the pistons in the engine on a Subaru move horizontally, whereas normally they move vertically (or diagonally) in most other vehicles. Supposedly this improves stability, power, and efficiency. For sure, this seems to be where Subarus excel, when they’re not being driven by parents couriering some youth soccer team around, at least.

Subaru rally car race

Proven Rally Performance

In 2003, Petter Solberg took the World Rally Championship while driving a Subaru Impreza WRC 2001. In the late ‘90s, Subaru was winning those championships left and right. It’s fascinating to think Subarus really are competitive with some of the fastest vehicles on the market, even or rather especially under difficult road conditions. That’s pretty impressive for such a humble brand to most consumers.

Subaru Mechanic Near Me

Subaru driving in cold weather on snowy roads

In the future, we’re gonna look at what some professional rally driver’s have to say about driving Subaru vehicles. It’s not exactly the brand you expect anyone to brag about, yet you see so many people rely on them for real driving that it seems like the brand kind of speaks for itself, no?

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