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Chico Auto Repair on Subaru

Subaru Auto Repair

Tedious Repairs performs jobs such as factory maintenance, head gaskets, timing belts, brakes, clutches, axles, diagnosis & countless other repairs on Subaru vehicles. We can get just about any issues you are having resolved.  We have been keeping Subaru cars on the road since 2008. 

Tedious Repairs works on Ford vehicles of all types. Cars. Trucks, classics & mustangs.

Below is a few of the services we offer on Subaru:

* Engine Replacement

* Transmission

* Clutch

* Timing Belt & Water Pump

* Brakes

* Tires

* Axle shaft

* Electrical

* Heater

* Air Conditioning

* Fluids

* Filters

* Computer Replacement

* Diagnosis

* Leaks

* Noises

* Lights