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Auto mechanics tend to be self-made. Almost no one goes to college first to learn the basics of car maintenance and repair. That knowledge is usually earned personally, or handed down by others who learned it personally while on the job, working on cars. After you’ve learned the basics though, it’s time to get a formal education in auto mechanics and maintenance. But which schools are worth the time?

We went and looked for at 3 credible, ASE-certified auto repair programs in California that should appeal to anyone who wants to make a career of car repair. These programs include apprenticeships that can move you straight from school into a well-paying jobs so don’t overlook these opportunities.

Northern California Auto Mechanic Schools

American River College

American River College in Sacramento, CA is career-oriented institution specializing in associates programs that get people to work quickly and with the skills they need. Their auto mechanic program leads in the state for successful graduation rates. Many of the world’s largest auto manufacturers and partners offer apprenticeship programs through American River so it’s a pretty straight path to a strong career for many students.

American River College for auto repair techs

Shasta-Trinity Regional Occupational Program

Closer to Chico is Shasta-Trinity ROP (STROP). STROP partners with California Career-Technical Education and NorCal’s local high schools to bring students up to speed as fast as possible, driving them straight from the home shop towards pro-shops on perhaps the shortest path of them all. Happens we know a few smart auto techs who have STROP certs in Automotive Service Excellence, and certainly we endorse those mechanics.

To learn more about the ROP Automotive Technology Program and what state licenses they offer, you can watch this video:

Butte College

If you’re looking for something a bit closer to home (Chico, CA, that is), Butt College offers an ASE-certified auto mechanical engineer program too! Butte is known for affordable prices and a comprehensive cert program that will likely easily place you in one of Chico’s auto repair shops. Might even come work for us, if you think you’re good enough (feel free to send us an email to apply).

Find ASE-Accredited Auto Tech Programs

Ford Window Regulator

None of these are in your area? There are plenty more schools that offer a career path for burgeoning repair techs. If you’d like to find other ASE-accredited auto mechanic programs, you can use the ASE website’s search tool here:

Find A Program at www.ASEeducationFoundation.com

Are you a student in Chico? Need auto repair or vehicle maintenance? We’re offering a special discount just for students! off any paid repair service with proof of student ID. It doesn’t matter what school what school you go to, but this offer is especially extended to Chico State and Butte College students.

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