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spark plug

Spark Plug

 Spark Plug Replacement 

A spark plug is an Automotive device used for delivering electrical currents. The spark plug sends power to one end of the motor and ignites sparks on the other side of the engine. The spark plug get’s it’s power from the ignition coil.
On average, each spark plug requires 12,000 to 25,000 volts of electrical current. Many things have spark plugs. Petrol engines will always have spark plugs, motorcycles have spark plugs, and dirt bikes and go-karts will have spark plugs as well!


Why do you need to change spark plugs?


Spark plugs wear out and cause your vehicle to waste gas at first, then eventually they start to shake and sputter causing your check engine light to illuminate. Spark plugs can last anywhere from 40 to 120 thousand miles, all depending on the year, make and model vehicle and what kind of running condition it is in. Each vehicle is a little different, that is why it is critical to read each manufactures recommendations. 


Did you know, that Desil engines don’t have spark plugs? They use compression strokes to increase the temperature of their cylinders! 
Spark plug

Spark Plug History 

In 1860, Etienne Lenoir invented the spark plug. He used it in his own engine that same year. Nikola Tesla also played a part in the birth of the spark plug. But, it wasn’t until Robert Bosch’s engineer came into play that the spark plug became popular.

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