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Chico Strut Replacement 

Do you have trouble with your car’s shocks? Are you in need of information on the topic? Today, we will discuss everything you need about car shocks. We will cover topics such as; what shocks are, why we need them, how often they need to be replaced, and where to have the best service for car shocks chico. So, let’s begin!  

Chico Shock Replacement 

Shocks play a vital role in your vehicle’s operation. Your shocks are a part of your suspension system. Shocks control the impact or movement of your car’s suspension and springs.
Shocks ensure your vehicle’s wheels remain on the road at all driving times. If you do not have surprises or are operating correctly, your car will have trouble staying on the road.
Also, you would be bouncing in your car more intensely than when you’re usually driving. To get your shocks replaced, call Tedious Repairs today.
Shocks and Struts
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Car Shocks Near Me

Both shocks and struts help minimize your vehicle’s rebound movement. They also enhance your control when turning, braking, accelerating, and more. 

When your encounter uneven roads, dirt roads, or potholes, your shocks help minimize the rebound your get from the bumps. For example, if you drive on a paved road and run into a pothole, your wonders and struts make it so that the bounce or shake you feel less intense and uncomfortable for the driver and potential passengers.

When should Shock replaced?

Car shocks need to be replaced every 50,000 miles to 100,000 miles. Although, we do recommend you have your shocks checked out when you bring your vehicle to the shop for maintenance. Your vehicle’s shocks must be working for the many reasons listed above. So, having them checked on every once in a while isn’t a bad idea. 

Shock replacement near me in Chico, CA

Now that you have learned everything you need about car shocks, you must find a place that can adequately replace your shocks. Well, I have just the place!

 Tedious Repairs in Chico has been replacing customers, just like you, shocks for over 13 years! They have 5-star automotive service too! They have experienced technicians who take pride in fixing your vehicle the best way possible! And they can help you too!

They work on your vehicle’s shocks and cover automotive service (oil changes, brakes, fluids, and more), engine repair, and more! If you want your car to receive the best automotive service in Chico, call or book an online appointment today!  Chico strut repair is near me in Chico, Ca.


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