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Rotary Centennial Park

Rotary Centennial Park is a beautiful new park located Northeast of Chico, CA. The park is located on the corner of Ceres Avenue and Whitewood Way and features a basketball court, multi-use turf field, and two children’s play areas, with many picnic tables across the park. The park’s address is Ceres Ave & Whitewood Way, Chico, CA 95973.

In March 2020, the park’s clearing began, and construction on the park started. Schreder and Brandt MFG, Inc. was responsible for constructing Rotary Centennial Park. In the summer of 2020, construction on the project started. Weeding and trees were removed, the perimeter was prepared for tree planting, and water and irrigation lines were hooked up for this new park. 

The park is CARD’s most recent development and it offers a unique experience for visitors. A multi-use turf field is perfect for use by the community and can be used for a variety of purposes. After re-evaluating available land that had been set aside for some time, development started to include Rotary Centennial Park to CARD’s list of parks, according to Willmann.The CARD board of directors started looking for funding solutions during this period. Learn More

It has a children’s play area that is great for keeping kids entertained, as well as multiple areas with shaded picnic tables and structures that can be used for groups or individual events. The basketball court makes it perfect for practicing your shot or playing some hoops with friends.

Since it will be near several public spaces, including Hancock Park and Wildwood Park, the park in northeast Chico will be a popular destination. After a workout in the park, you can cool off by visiting Pleasant Valley Pool nearby. Fast Eddi’s Sandwich Shop is a good option if you’re hungry after the park.

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