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Rare Air Trampoline Park

Rare Air Trampoline Park is located at 1090 E 20th St, Chico, CA 95928. It is on E 20th St, near the cross-section of Dr Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy. Redding’s newest hot spot for family fun is Rare Air Trampoline Park! With 10000 square feet of trampolines.

Rare Air Trampoline Park is not just a place filled with only trampolines. Their main attraction is the Main Court. We encourage kids to literally bounce off of the walls in one of the few places on Earth! You may fly, flip, and jump across our open jump trampolines on our Main Court. Learn More

Next up on their features list is the Battle Beam. When attempting to knock your opponent off the beam, test your balance and agility. If you’re knocked over, rest assured that you’ll land on an airbag. Rematches are encouraged! If you fail the first time, get up and try again.

If you love basketball, then try out the Slam Dunk Contest. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to dunk like a basketball legend? Your chance to find out is now! Jumpers have a chance to throw one down on our slam dunk courts!

Do you want to test your climbing skills? There is a Rock Wall available too! Our airbag-protected indoor rock climbing wall is open to the public. Climbers of all ability levels may relish the challenge of conquering our wall, which can be done with varying degrees of difficulty!

At Rare Air Trampoline Park, you can get to feel what is to fly through a jungle with a Trapeze Swing. The new Trapeze Swing is out now! Our newest attraction is quickly becoming a hit! Tell us what you think next time you’re there!

Rare Air Trampoline Park’s opening hours are Monday to Friday from 2 PM-7 PM, Saturday 10 AM – 7 PM, and Sunday 11 AM – 7 PM.

There are 2 forms of pricing depending on the weekend or weekday. It costs $13.50/hr per jumper, and the second hour costs $6.75. The weekend pricing considers as Friday to Sunday. It costs $15.50/hr per jumper, with the second hour $7.75. Toddlers cost only $8.50 per session.

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