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Purge valve

Power Steering Repair

Purge Valve Repair

The purge valve is a part of your vehicle’s evaporative emission control system, also known as the evap system. The purge valve’s job is to trap the fuel vapors in your tank and make them stay in the tank. Purge valves operate in partnership with a solenoid. If the solenoid malfunctions, staying open or closed, it can cause the purge valve to malfunction.

If your purge valve malfunctions, your check engine light may come on. Common signs of a failing purge valve include poor fuel economy and engine performance issues. If any of these events are occurring, bring your vehicle to Tedious Repairs today!

Purge Valve Replacement in Chico, CA

Your vehicles purge valve needs to operate with other devices to function correctly. The canister solenoid helps trap gas particles in the fuel tank. Is it more common that the solenoid would malfunction before the purge valve. These two go hand and hand and need be replaced together.

Purge valve history

William Ray Adams Jr. Invented the purge valve. Purge valves have always been a part of vehicles. The first purge valve was in the very first car, the motor wagon! The purge valve is a vital part of your vehicle’s vapor system. It always has been!

Purge valve repair

Tedious Repairs is the number one automotive shop to replace purge valves. We have been fixing purge valves for over 15 years. Our expert team of mechanics have the experience that your your car needs. Since 2007 we have been working to create the perfect automotive team to fix your vehicles.

Tedious Repairs is the number one automotive repair shop for all your automotive desires. If your experiencing any automotive troubles, bring your vehicle to Tedious Repairs today!

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