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Tedious Repairs

Tedious repairs

Tedious Repairs is an automotive repair facility in Chico California. Open since 2007, the mechanic team offers automotive repair on all vehicles. From classic cars to EV and hybrid vehicles!

Our mechanic shop offers a wide variety of automotive repairs on just about any vehicle. Whatever you need, we can help! We have proudly served thousands of different customers. And, we can help you too!

One of the services we offer is locksmith services. We are able to cut new keys and program key fobs. If you have a lost car key, a broken car key, or you just would a duplicate key to be made, give us a call today!

Another service that our mechanics shop offers is check engine light diagnostics. If your check engine light appears on your dash, bring your car into the shop and we will diagnose the problem, and repair it! The check engine light can be a difficult task, but with the proper diagnosis technology and crew, it’s a breeze!

We know how important your AC is in this hot, California, summer heat. That’s why we offer AC recharge services and AC repair! There are a lot more issues that could occur other than just a simple recharge. Most of the time, the problem isn’t that you need a recharge, it’s that there is another problem going occurring. Some common AC issues include:

  • AC lines that could need to be replaced
  • Faulty AC compressors
  • Little to no refrigerant
  • Faulty condenser

So, if your AC is down in this heat, and you’d like it to be fixed, bring your car into the shop today!

Another service we offer is an oil change. Oil changes are very important. An oil change needs to take place every 60,000 miles. The oil could be dirty, or low and when this happens, your car is unable to function the way that it should be, and this could create other, more major, problems later down the road.

Radiator replacement is yet another automotive repair service that we offer. Radiators are very important for your vehicle’s operating system. It is crucial to have your radiator replaced when it is faulty, dirty, or damaged to ensure that your vehicle operates correctly.

Your car’s electrical system is one of the most important systems in your vehicle. It includes your battery, alternator, lights, and radio. If it’s not working, it could be an easy or rigorous task to fix. But whatever it may be, our mechanics are trained to help!

Most cars have clutches. And, over time, those clutches will need to replaced. When that time is due, bring your vehicle into our shop. Our expert employees specialize in replacing clutches as well as many other tasks.

At some point, your vehicle will need its transmission replaced. When your car’s transmission begins to die out, bring your vehicle to our mechanics! They will have you back on the road in no time!

Wheel alignment is another important service we offer. Having your wheels aligned regularly is very important. When your wheels are properly aligned, not only is your entire driving experience better, you and your passengers are safer.

Tedious Repairs offers many different kinds of automotive repair. Along with the kinds listed above, they also offer axle replacement and repair! The axle is a very important part of your automobile. When it first shows signs of failure, you need to bring it in right away.

The engine is the heart of the vehicle. Without it, your car would not work. When you need engine repair or engine replacement, bring your vehicle to our trusted mechanics! Our expert mechanics will have you out and ready to drive in no time!

The thermostat is another important part of your car’s operation system. Without it, your car would overheat which would lead to more problems in the future. So when it’s time to have your thermostat replaced, give us a call!

Tedious Repairs offers a ton of different automotive services for your vehicle. Service from oil changes, to engine replacements. We understand that cars break. When they do it can be a huge hassle. With Tedious Repairs, we make it as easy as possible. We fix your vehicles fast, and cost-efficiently for you to have your car back out on the open road!