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automotive inspection

Pre-purchase inspection

Pre-purchase inspection 

Have you ever had to purchase an automotive inspection? If you have, you know that this inspection is very important for your vehicle. Read this article to learn more about car inspections. Also, did you know, Tedious Repairs offer top-notch vehicle inspection services? Check them out for yourself!

What is a pre-purchase inspection

Automotive inspection

A vehicle inspection is, basically, a diagnosis. These lights will appear on your dash. If you have seen them before, or you are currently seeing lights appear on your dash board, give us a call and schedule an appointment today! 

Our vehicle inspection also includes us reading your car’s codes, if any, through our vehicle senors. Automotive inspections are very important to help us figure out what we need to repair on your vehicle. No matter if we think we know the problem at hand, we still would recommend you an automotive inspection. We do this to insure that we fix the proper thing and, to make sure there is no other potential problems with your vehicle you may not have known about. 
vehicle inspection

WHere to repair


What is the best place for automotive repair and for car inspections? Well, that answer is simple! Tedious Repairs! Tedious Repairs has been providing customers, like you, with top quality automotive repair and car inspection services for over 13 years! The car inspection Tedious Repairs offers, is to check that everything on your car in in order and that there are no lights such as, check engine lights, tire lights, brake lights, and more. So, give us a call today to receive the best automotive repair or services today! You can book an appointment on line, or you can call or text today!

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automotive inspection

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