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Power Steering Repair

Power Steering

Power Steering Repair

The power steering system transmits power to the steering shaft to allow the wheels to move. The power steering system reduces the effort needed to turn the wheels. Power steering also makes it easier for the vehicle to move at lower speeds! Without the power steering system, extreme damage to your seals, gasket, and pump would occur!

Power Steering Service

We need to be aware of a few different components of the power steering system. The first one is the power steering pump. The hydraulic power steering pump creates the hydraulic power used to power the steering system. The hydraulic power steering pump is given its power by the vehicle’s engine belt and pulley.

The vehicle’s steering gear uses an electric motor to draw energy to the car’s electrical system. This allows the power steering system to gain its power. One way to know if your steering gear is malfunctioning is by hearing unusual noises, like grinding or clunking sounds. Because of the steering gears importance, we recommend that you bring your vehicle into Tedious Repairs as soon as you hear those noises. The steering column is used to connect the steering wheel to the steering mechanism. This allows the steering wheel to control the vehicle’s wheels. Without it, steering would be a huge hassle.

Power steering history

Francis W. Davis invented the first practical power system. He created a more accessible power steering system in 1926. He discovered how steering could be made much easier. His invention was moved to General Motors where it was mass-produced.

Power Steering Repair Near Me

At Tedious Repairs, power steering repair is simple and easy! Our expert team of mechanics specializes in power steering repair. Since 2007, our automotive repair shop has been performing power steering repair and replacement tasks. If your vehicle is having any automotive troubles, bring your car into the shop and we will repair it as soon as possible.

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