Chico Auto Repair

Tedious Repairs started off as a single person owner operator business in Chico, Ca. in 2008. There I started with a single lift, twin bay auto repair shop. Learning the business side of running a mechanic shop was a never ending process. After several years, I started to get better at it. The business started running out of room for cars and equipment, customers were coming daily for car repair and services . I started getting complaints from the landlord about having to many cars out front. I saw that a much larger building was on the market. The old rising sun engines building a 5,000 square foot place had caught my attention. The cost was going to be triple what I had been paying for the location on mangrove ave. I decided that I needed to take a chance on trying something new, bigger, and with a higher celling to get in postion to keep my business going. I meet with the landlord and sold him on my business plans and ideas. Eight years later, Tedious Repairs has evolved into using nearly every square foot of space to work on vehicles and projects that come our way. For the first few years I had more space than I knew what to do with. Slowly I started investing in lifts, service machines, tools, tire machines & inventory of parts. 12 year later we are still standing. We have evolved to do just about any vehicle repair thinkable. We have earned a great reputation with our customers. We pride ourselves in these relationships. We offer cheap auto repair with out cutting corners. We install a variety of parts and we have tons of parts source options like the dealerships, napa, orilies, online and wrecking yards when needed. We now offer booking online for various services by appoitment. We offer a drop box for after hours vehicle drops offs. If you need a ride to get somewhere we can order you a ubber or lyft to get you to your destination. If you prefer to wait we have a couch, wifi, netflix & a water osmosis machine. Tedious repairs does a wide range of vehicles services. We can keep your factory warranty by providing services required by the manufacturer, without making you go to the dealership. We offer cheap oil changes, starting at $39.99 for syn-blend. Full synthetic oil changes start st $54.99. We can provide A & B services as well. We offer suspension repairs. Lift kits, camber kits, leveling kits, shocks, springs, tie rods, steering racks, trailing arms, control arms, steering links and Diagnosis of clunks and other suspension related problems. We do engine work heavy and light. New or used engine installs, head gaskets, timing belts, tune-ups, leaks & more. We fix cooling system issues. Overheating, leaks, fans, thermostats, hoses and radiators. Brake repair is soemthing that seems to be done daily. We do it all when it comes to brake repair. We do rotors, pads, drums, wheel cylinders, brake master cylinders, boosters, repalce lines, diagnosis and flushes. We also seem to do alot of transmission work. Diagnosis is big with us, flushes, filters, valvebody, sensors, solenoids, pan gaskets, transmission installs and clutches.

Give us a chance to become your mechanic! Chico auto repair that's locals and students trust.