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Why is my Chevy leaky?

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Comes a time when a man's Chevy might get leaky. Ain't no shame in that. Shame would be in not taking care of it, but we ain't gonna have none of that here, ya hear? We reckon there's some ways you can figure out why your Chevy has an oil leak, and we reckoned we'd write 'em down for everyone else to know and look into when the time comes.

Today we’re talking about some of the most common reasons for a Chevy oil leak. If you think of anything else, please comment at the end of the page and we’ll add it to our next article!

Common Causes of Oil Leaks

Oil Gasket Leak

The oil gasket keep the oil plug from leaking out your engine’s precious oil. If the gasket is bad, oil will start leaking through the seal and either onto the ground or sometimes along the vehicle body into weird places that may cause some confusion. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to identify the oil in the first place, but much less so to square out if it’s the gasket leaking. Make sure you have some tools ready beforehand.

Oil Cap is Loose

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer in that you’ll feel like a no-brainer if/when it happens to you. As long as you catch it early it’s not a huge deal, but leaving the oil cap loose can allow hot oil to boil over and out of the engine, quickly depleting the oil pan entirely. This can cause serious damage, but usually it’s easy to tell when it’s happening.

If the cap isn’t obviously loose, unscrew it and screw it back on anyway just to make sure. This is especially relevant if you just did or had someone else do an oil change. It is surprisingly common for people to forgot to put the oil cap on correctly after a Chevy oil change.

Oil Filter is Bad

If the oil filter is so filthy that it can’t filter anything through its mesh then the oil may clog, overflow, or possibly even dry which can cause very serious problems with the engine. Be sure to have your oil filter replaced along with every oil change. If you can’t remember the last time you had your oil filter replaced, well if you didn’t do an oil filter replacement with your last oil change, then it’s problem time to replace your oil filter.

Bad Engine Gaskets

Oil flows through the engine to lubricate it and keep it cool, and if the engine gaskets have a link anywhere in the system, this can cause oil to leak all over your Chevy. To heck with that! If you think the engine gaskets might be bad, let us know using the contact information at the bottom of the page and we’ll see how we can help.

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Oil Pan Isn’t Secure

Finally, this one’s actually fairly common especially if you drive that Chevy hard- vroom vroom! Sometimes the oil pan- which collects oil for recirculation throughout the engine- can be knocked loose by off-roading or just high speed bumps. If you heard something scrape under your vehicle around the time your problems started, perhaps your oil pan needs to be repaired?

We Fix Chevy Leaks

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A lot of different things can cause a Chevy to leak engine oil and determine the exact cause usually requires getting your hands dirty. Don't feel like getting your hands dirty for an oil leak? Let us handle the job for you.

Call Tedious Repairs using the information below. You can call or text, email, or schedule an appointment online at your earliest convenience.

Thanks again for reading and tune in next week for more great auto repair and Chevrolet repair advice. Vroom vroom!

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