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Oil change service on your vehicle will include: draining the old dirty oil from your engine and replacing it with new oil. During your oil change, you also get your oil filter replaced. If your vehicle is taken to a good auto repair shop, they will give your a FREE vehicle inspection. Tedious Repairs is here for you if you are looking for a new mechanic shop that offers oil changes near me in Chico, California. You may book online or call the office for a service appointment. 
What does motor oil do? Well, motor oil keeps your parts moving, keeps them from rusting, and prevents your engine’s parts from rubbing together. In addition, the oil filter helps to remove accumulated dirt that appears in your motor oil. 

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If your oil is dirty, it can cause there to be too much friction in the engine, it can cause overheating, and it can also cause permanent engine damage. In addition, dirt particles are deadly for your machine. That’s why it is so essential for your oil changes to take place at the proper times. 
Motor oil cycles through your engine cylinders and other parts. While doing so, it collects ash and other particles. This is how your motor oil gets dirty!  
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Tedious Repairs suggest that you change your motor oil every 3,000-5,000 miles- 3,000 for synthetic-blend oils, 5,000 for synthetic, or every 6 months. There is a great debate about when you should get this service done, but we believe 5,000 miles is ideal for several reasons.

The first is your vehicle needs to have inspections done every so often. You do not need to find out about costly surprise major repairs on the side on instate 5, do you? The oil change gives the mechanic a chance to go over everything and make sure we can save a huge headache and tow back to us. Picture your oil change like a doctor's check-up.

The second reason to get an oil change is to remove sludge, metal, and carbon that brakes apart inside your engine. If the auto technician finds metal shavings while draining your vehicle, you may have some serious issues to deal with. They also may find any oil leaks or red flags while removing the oil fluid.

Some vehicles have advanced computers that can help determine oil quality so check the manufacturer’s manual for further information. If you’re unsure, it’s typically safe to change oil at the same 3-5000 mile interval for almost all consumer vehicles (unless otherwise noted by the manufacturer). You can be sure it’s time to change the oil if it’s become dirty sludgy oil thick with debris, which can happen quickly under harsh conditions like off-roading or mud bogging.

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How Does Motor Oil Work?

What does engine wear actually mean and how does oil help? As the engine parts move and grind against each other, the physical contact wears away microscopic particles of metal, which mix with external dirt and grime. All these “particulates” are absorbed into fluid oil to reduce friction and wear. The oil filter extracts those particulates so they don’t ruin the oil. If the filter gets clogged, it can’t do its job either and this reduces oil viscosity (lubrication), increasing friction and harming the engine.

Another important concept that explains the different grades of oil is “Reserve Alkalinity”. Reserve Alkalinity refers to oil’s ability to resist the formation of acids, which corrode the engine. Better oils retain “reserve alkalinity” better and longer, thus they do their job better and longer. Bad oils quickly become thick, sticky, and sludgy. When reserve alkalinity is depleted, your engine wears down much faster. Quality engine oil means you can drive farther without worrying about oil changes as often.

To learn more about types of oil and which one’s right for you, check out this YouTube video from Goss’ Garage “Choosing the Correct Engine Oil is critical to engine life with Pat Goss from Goss Garage”.


Oil changes have been around for a while. Oil changes were invented in 1866. John Ellis was the inventor of motor oil, oil changes, and he founded the very first oil company. His oil company was called Continuous oil refining. 
 Synthetic oil was invented in 1877. Synthetic oil was invented by James Mason Crafts. It used to be used  in tank and other war equipment after the war. 
Syn- blend oil was invented in 1813. It was invented by Friedrich Bergius. in 1929, this oil began to become the most common type. It would be used in every day vehicles to fighter jets! 

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