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National Yo-Yo Museum

The National Yo-Yo Museum is located at 320 Broadway St, Chico, CA 95928, in downtown Chico, CA. The museum is the world’s biggest public display of yo-yos, yo-yo memorabilia, and competitive accolades are on display at the National Yo-Yo Museum.

The prime exhibit centerpiece is Big-Yo. It’s Tom Kuhn’s No-Jive 3-in-1 scaled up to work in a bigger size. The exciting thing is that the yo-yo works!  Big-Yo held the title of “World’s Biggest Working Wooden Yo-Yo” when he weighed 256 pounds in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1982. Big-Yo may successfully ascend and descend the string like a real yo-yo with the help of a large crane and an experienced operator.

June 6th has been declared National Yo-Yo Day for over 30 years. The late Chicago businessman, Donald F. Yo-Yo Day was established to honor him. Duncan’s birthday is celebrated on this day. On this day, yo-yo performances, guided tours, prizes, and sweets are held at the National Yo-Yo Museum in Chico, California.

The museum features yo-yos from various modern periods, which are displayed throughout the year. On a personal scale, displays of prize winners and sweaters. The incremental transition from a fixed axle to a ball-bearing axle, which is now so popular, is also shown step by step. Learn More

The National Yo-Yo Museum hosts an annual event. The National Yo-Yo League organizes regional events and hosts national championships. Yo-yo competitions are currently held regularly, and it is obvious that this centuries-old toy continues to be popular among people all over the globe.

The National Yo-Yo Museum is open seven days a week and is free to visit. It is inside Bird in Hand, which is located across the street from the White House. Groups may be accommodated on a guided visit.

Learn cool yo-yo tricks from volunteer instructors every Saturday from 12 to 2 p.m., if you’re interested in learning how to yo-yo!

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