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Motor Mount Replacement

Motor Mount

Motor Mount

A Motor Mount is an automotive device installed in all automobiles. The motor mount’s job is to stabilize the engine. Thus creating less vibration felt in the vehicle.  This helps prevent potential nearby problems that could occur due to the rattling. Motor mounts are often referred to as engine mounts. With a malfunctioning motor mount, your vehicle’s engine may be caused to slide all around the place. This could cause other damage to the car, like; costly engine damage. One way to identify a motor mount malfunction is during vehicle acceleration. When accelerating your vehicle with a malfunctioning motor mount, you will feel unusual vibration. If you think this, contact Tedious Repairs immediately before more catastrophic events occur.

Engine Mount Replacement

Each motor mount is connected directly to the engine. Your vehicle’s engine should last you about eight years. A motor mount should last you around five years. So, your engine doesn’t need to be replaced along with your motor mount. The motor mount will need to be replaced by itself. There are a couple of ways that you can “speed up the process” of breaking your motor mount. One of them is letting off too much clutch power. Another way to damage your motor mount is by “power breaking” before driving. Is slam on the brakes if you slam on the breaks before you begin to start driving, you could before you start to start driving, you could end up harming more than just your vehicle’s motor mounts.

Motor Mount History

Leonard J. Cuthbertson invented motor mounts. Motor mounts came out when cars were designed. All vehicles have always had motor mounts due to their importance. When the first car came out, The motor wagon, in January of 1866, had motor mounts installed. All vehicles have about three motor mounts. Sometimes, they will have four of them.

Motor Mount Replacement

Tedious Repair replaces motor mounts on all vehicles. In 2007, our repair shop was offering motor mount replacement. We have over 15 years of experience and are qualified to replace your vehicle’s motor mounts. If you have any engine issues, motor mount replacement needs, or any other automotive service or repair, we can help you as soon as today! Schedule an appointment online, or give us a call today!


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