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Best Auto Mechanics

Best auto Mechanics On YouTube

Ever wonder about the best auto mechanic? Forget the argument of who is the best mechanic in Chico, but there’s never enough time to learn everything you want to know about cars. You can get a good start on YouTube though, that much is sure. These days there are countless informative, entertaining, and unique car shows to find on YouTube. We’ve collected here three of our favorites that you might enjoy, including videos about everything from basic vehicle maintenance to cleaning, and even improving your car’s horsepower (if you’re into being cool, that is). The first link will take you to the featured section which is a good start for finding something to watch. But remember to click the “Videos” and “Playlists” tabs to see more content that might interest you. The Playlists are a great way to quickly load up a bunch of interesting videos at once for extended binge watching.

Three Of Our Favorite best auto Mechanics on YouTube


You might catch yourself saying “Hey Guys!” too much, but ChrisFix produces a lot of fun and interesting tutorials for both basic and advanced vehicle maintenance. The real appeal here though is not just the helpful tutorials. Chris makes up a lot of interesting projects that might inspire car repair options you didn’t realize you had. For example, getting spray paint off your car can be expensive, but you might be able to do it yourself after you watch his “How to Remove Spray Pain from a Vandalized Car” video. There’s a video about repairing rust holes, and another about cleaning out your fuel system. Lot of great stuff here, for sure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0M5tUQSaps After watching him, you’ll understand why he’s one of the best auto mechanics.

Engineering Explained

Consider yourself a real gear head? Engineering Explained answers the simple question of how cars work with hard answers on exactly how. Interested in learning more about engine components and features? Try the Engine Components and Features playlist. Want to make your car faster? Try the How To Increase Horsepower playlist. Want to understand the systems behind electric and hybrid cars? Try the Electric and Hybrid cars playlist. Even if you’re not looking for expert-level explanations on every part of your engine, you can easily get lost for hours learning about the essential car mechanics under the hood, or how to make your car faster, or why the scoop matters on a McLaren.

best auto mechanics- Eric The Car Guy

Eric The Car Guy, one of the best mechanic YouTubersFinally we have Eric The Car Guy, who does great in-depth videos that are both informative and fairly entertaining, too! Is he one of the best auto machinics? You’ll be learning about complex mechanical concepts that are relevant to the every day operation of your vehicle, and you won’t be bored by it either. Truly the holy grail of auto mechanic edu-tainment. The Basics playlist is maybe the best place to start in this whole list, if you’re just learning about cars from scratch. You can easily auto-play for hours and not even realize it until you pop out the other end smarter than ever before. Definitely check out the entire Playlists section to find a subject that interests you. The Tools playlist is another fascinating and useful place to start.

Got Any Suggestions to Share with Us?

These are only three of the greats, but there are tons more! Know of any other YouTubers or other video channels for auto repairs? Let us know in the comments and we might include them in another article! Thanks again for reading and remember, when you need professional mechanics in Chico, Tedious Repairs is the one to call!

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