Time for Maintenance?

Vehicle Maintenance in Chico

Auto maintenance can be tricky. There are fluids, filters, tires and more to maintain, replace, and recycle at regular intervals. If it's been more than 30,000 miles since your last major vehicle diagnostic, it may be time to get to work on your vehicle maintenance.

Tedious Repairs offers a slew of maintenance services in Chico that can save you tons of man-hours and stress dealing with hard to reach parts and obscure replacement procedures. We handle fluid changes, tire balancing and rotation, A- and B-service oil changes, air filter replacement, spark plug replacement, fuel filter replacement, valve adjustments, suspension service, fuel treatment, induction cleaning, and everything in between.

Have a new Toyota with a cramped engine compartment, or one of those over-sized mobile computers with so many wires in the engine that you'll afraid you might somehow disable your neighborhood's grid? Let us deal with it. We offer fast, affordable auto service in Chico that can't be beat, just come by and see!

Auto Services We Provide Include

* Cabin Filter
* Air Filter
* Spark plugs
* Coils or Wire Set
* Fuel Filter
* Tune-up
* Oil Change (A- and B-Service)
* Cap & Rotor
* Valve Adjustment
* Cap & Rotor
* Valve Adjustment
* Induction Cleaning
* Fuel treatment
* Tire Rotation & Balancing
* Belts
*Transmission diagnostics

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Tedious Repairs is offering a monthly oil change drawing.