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It is very common for vehicle owners to have lost car keys, But don’t worry! Your favorite local auto repair shop in Chico, Tedious Repairs, has acquired a new skill! We, now, have a key-cutting machine and programming software to get our customers through any key nightmares they may have! If, you have lost your Chico car keys, visit us to take make a nightmare become a breeze! Read about how this wonderful, life-saving machine operates and fun, interesting, need to know, facts about your car keys to help you in the long run! Read how Tedious Repairs can help if all keys lost Chico!

Car key near me time? Did you know, that there are multiple types of car keys? Well, there is! The two are a Transponder key and a Smart key. There is a big difference between the two. Most newer cars, such as cars made from 1998-2022, have a Smart key and older cars, from 1998 and older have the Transponder key. The differences may seem subtle to you but, they are major! For instance, a Transponder key can not be used to power or unlock and a car that requires a Smart key. And vise versa

Nowadays, keys are frequently lost and recut. But, how do you replicate new car keys? There are simple, or rigorous, steps that are in place to give you the best quality car key, or house key. Continue reading to learn more! 

If you don’t have your key, locksmiths or Tedious Repairs use their high-tech machines, ours is in the form of a tablet, to find your key code. Then, we copy the key code, which is Bluetooth to our high-tech key cutting machine. After that, we send the code over to the machine. Next, we pick the uncut key that matches your vehicle’s make and model. After picking the key, we then securely lock it into the key cutting machine. And press begin! 

If you do have your key and you just need a spare, or you want a higher quality key, Tedious repairs scan the key you have and gather the code via the scan. Then, repeat the process form before! And, if you do come to Tedious Repairs, make sure to tell your service writer where you go the information form! And, get your free complimentary key tag! They look like this! To learn more about how to copy your key from another perspective, click HERE!


A Transponder key is, still commonly acquired, is an older kind of key. This key is made for older make and models. Transponder keys are car keys that you insert into the ignition of your vehicle, instead of pressing the start ignition button. Fun Fact, the first

 Transponder car key was made by General Motors back in the mid-1900s!  These keys are used in cars such as Toyota, Chevy, Honda, Hyundai, and more! These keys are made, but they are not as common as they used to be before Smart keys. Fear not, Tedious Repairs can still use their trusted key cutting tool, to quickly replicate a key for you!


Chrysler invented the first car key in 1949. The first car keys were flip key style car keys. Double-sided cars key began to be manufactured in the 1960s. In the 1980s, car keys began to advance technology-wise. 

Also in the 80s, car keys began to have remote entry doors. Laser-cut cars key began to be developed in the 1990s but were first unsuccessful. Also in the 1990s, different key shapes were developed. 

The first key fob was invented in 1982. It was invented by Renault Fuego. Followed by that, the first transponder key was invented in 1985. 


Smart car keys are newly common. A Smart key is a key that does not go into the ignition. This key just needs to be in range for the car to operate. Once your car key is in range, you just press the button located near your steering wheel, the drive away! You may need to press the brake while starting the vehicle as well! This car key gives you the feel of having a “keyless ignition” These car keys require barriers and, we have abilities that Transponder keys don’t. For example, we have the ability to turn your car on, without being inserted into the ignition! How convenient!


Replacing your car key can be a difficult task on your own. For Tedious Repairs, it is easier to diagnose and problem solve your key dilemma! We use our problem-solving steps every time! First, we take an un-cut replica of your vehicle’s make and model key. Then, we identify your key types year, make, and model fits. Next, we obtain your key’s security code using our high-tech machines. Then, we precisely cut the key! Finally, we program the key to the visible for proper installation and usage.

Although this machine is high-tech and wonderful, it comes with many add-ons. These necessary add-ons include the key tool max, key fobs, and key clickers. These are crucial for key-cutting operations to take place. The Key Tool Max is a tablet-like tool that connects to the Automatic Key Cutting Machine via Bluetooth. This allows wire-free, easy accessibility for all employees. The key fobs and key clickers are, of course, a requirement to replace your key. The key clicker requires a button cell battery, these are the small, circular, silver, batteries. Key clickers need to have these cell batteries to operate.


Lost your car key? Don’t worry, Tedious Repairs, located in Chico, has recently adopted a car key cutting machine! We welcome you to come and try this new service for yourself! Our new tool has come in handy for many people. This trusted machine “is a lifesaver!” If you need a new car key, or you just need a spare, we’ve got your back!  We are more than happy to have your service. Whether it be an auto repair, or even car key replacement, we are here to help! Call or book an appointment online, today! 

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Tedious Repairs has been locally owned and operated since 2007. Car keys can be made for most vehicles here. Car keys near me has never been easier.

The business has many 5-star reviews as well! Look at this one! “Also they have great communication as far as keeping me informed with what was going in during the repair process.” -Kelly. If you have trouble with your, such as A/C issues, Alternator issues, Chico locksmith, need to copy keys (house or car), come down to Tedious Repairs today! We fix all kinds of cars! Honda, Toyota, and more! Come see us today.

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