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Kia is a South Korean auto manufacturer well-known for its reliability and comfort. In 2016, JD Power and Associates ranked Kia first in the US for reliability, the first non-luxury manufacturer to top that list in decades. With good care and regular maintenance, a Kia goes a long way, both figuratively and literally. But that’s only the case with regular care and Kia maintenance.

To help you keep that Kia in great condition -and maybe even save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in costly repairs- we’ve posted here the Kia Maintenance Schedule, as well as some helpful links to sites that can keep you on top of repairs.

Kia Maintenance Schedule

Kia offers a broad maintenance schedule from its website, but you’ll want to check your owner’s manual for specifics on your own vehicle. For general reference though, we listed the essentials below.

  • Every 7,500 miles, have an oil change, tire rotation, and safety inspection done. Repeat every 7,500m.
  • Every 15,000 miles, have the engine air filter and cabin air filter replaced.
  • At 22,500 miles, have brake pads and tires replaced, if necessary.
  • By 30,000 miles, have brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant replaced.
  • At 37,500 miles, it’s time for a drive belt replacement.
  • At 50,000 miles, have the battery tested and replaced, if necessary.
  • Finally, by 60,000 miles, have timing belt and spark plugs replaced, if necessary.

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Useful Kia Links

One of the better online resources Kia has to offer on maintenance is available only on the Kia India website, for some reason. But it’s in English so it should still be useful especially if you’re able to read this in the first place:

There’s also Kia forum on Reddit which is a great place to ask for tips, or just chat with other Kia aficionados:

We’re Your Kia Shop in Chico!

Proper care and maintenance will keep you out of the auto shop (except for regular check-ups, of course) and save you tons of money. Using these Kia tips, you can stay ahead of your maintenance schedule and avoid costly mechanic service.

But if you do need help with your Kia, whether it’s repairs or just general maintenance, please don’t hesitate to give Tedious Repairs a call!

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