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What Is Induction Cleaning?

What Is Induction Cleaning?

throttle body before and after induction service is necessary folks!

Induction cleaning service is a critical process that prevents the buildup of carbon, dirt, and other particulates in the engine and fuel injection system. Not only do these carbon boogers build up from dirt in the environment, cheap fuels and oils can leave byproducts that turn into carbon and sludge much faster than normal.

The negative effect quickly becomes obvious: the motor lags noticeably overtime; your vehicle’s slow to pickup on the gas; and the engine’s shaking or vibrating even while idling. The buildup results in engine friction which means accelerated wear and tear. Not only that, but the engine working harder wastes gas too, which matters a lot now that prices are nipping at the $5 range. If it gets really bad, it can cause engine misfiring and other serious issues.

So let’s go over the 3 part process of a fuel induction cleansing service so you know exactly what’s happening and precisely how it matters.

Three Step Induction Cleaning Service

step 1: Machine 

The induction cleaning tool that we use is the C200 induction cleaning tool but Auto Tool. It connects to the battery and other parts of the vehicle. Then, it sprays a liquid that cleans the desired parts. This prepares the vehicle for the next steps that are about to follow. 

Step 2: Cleaning the Throttle Body

Air flows constantly into the engine through the throttle body, which regulates that airflow. This is a primary source of external gunk buildup. Over time, it causes throttle problems and reduces fuel economy.

To fix a dirty throttle body, we remove the air intake system to access the throttle body. Then we manually clean deposits off the throttle plate using throttle plate cleaner. It’s important not to leave any further cleaner or other residues on the throttle body once finished.

throttle body before and after induction service is necessary folks!

Step 3: Cleaning Cylinders, Intake Valves, Compression Rings

Next, we inject engine cleaner into the intake manifold. The engine cleaner bonds to valves and pistons, breaking down carbon buildup. Once it’s loose it goes out the tailpipe, the gases continuing to aid in gunk removal on the way out.

Please note: it’s critical to introduce the engine cleaner at a slow and careful pace otherwise you risk damaging the engine. We cannot suggest that amateurs do this part themselves.

Step 4: Cleaning Fuel Injectors

Finally, we add fuel injector cleaner to fuel tank. Over time, this fuel tank additive cleans clogged ejectors of carbon deposits and passes them through the system like other exhaust. This seems like a minor thing, but may make a difference to fuel performance in cases where buildup on fuel injectors is especially bad

Cleaning Service Benefits

  • Improved gas mileage

  • Easier drivability, both on the engine and in smoothness of the ride

  • Increased engine reliability, as it won’t be grinding itself to death

Induction cleaning service takes a few hours, which isn’t so bad at Tedious Repairs since we have a decked out waiting room with wifi, a TV, a couch and everything. It’s especially important for modern GDI engines (Gasoline Direct Injection) since they use a finer fuel injection system than older cars. Though they are far more efficient and cleaner too, the double-edged sword is that their careful machinery must be cleaned more often.

Wondering what it looks like if someone has to manually clean up an engine after it’s been neglected too long? Check out this YouTube video by Eric The Car Guy showing a full “Direct Injection Intake Valve Cleaning”, something you don’t want to have to pay for yourself:

Fuel Induction Cleaning in Chico

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We hope this short guide to induction cleaning service enlightens you on how the process works, and why it’s so important too. A clean engine is a happy engine; a dirty engine is a dead engine. Simple as that, friends. Take care of your engine.

If you need help with engine service, fuel induction cleaning, or any other auto repair in Chico, well then, you’ve come to the right place! Tedious Repairs leads the way for Chico auto repair, and that goes for everything from induction cleaning to oil change service, wheel alignment, engine repair, body work, and everything in between. Use the contact info below to give us a call today for any car or truck auto repair service.

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