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How often wheel alignment

How often do I need wheel alignment?

How often do I need wheel alignment?

How often wheel alignment is needed: Wheel alignment is recommended every 60,000 miles. When you have your vehicle’s wheels aligned, you are adjusting the angles of the wheel to ensure your tires meet the road at the correct angle. 
Without wheel alignment, your driving experience may include harsh steering issues, bad fuel economy, and uneven tire wear. So, it’s important to know How often wheel alignment is needed. This could transform into other automotive issues if not taken care of at the time it’s needed. 
How often wheel alignment

Why do I need wheel alignment? 

Alignment ensures that you have a smooth driving experience. It also extends the life of your tires. Alignment is one of the most important maintenance tasks you need to acquire on your vehicle. 

Potholes, driving at high speeds, running into curbs, and car accidents are all reasons that your alignment may need to be done before the estimated 60,000 miles that are recommended on your vehicle! 
There are a few things that mean you need alignment. One is if your steering wheel is pulling in a certain direction. Another is if you begin to feel a sudden vibration on your steering wheel. The last one is uneven wear on your tears. This hints that one side is being driven more than the other. 

What causes tires to lose alignment?

There are many ways that your tires could become a factor in your wheel’s losing alignment. Once your vehicle does lose alignment, it is important to have your wheels realigned as soon as possible!

The main cause of tires becoming unaligned is impact. Heavy impacts to your tires will cause them to become misaligned. Things like potholes, parking blocks, curbs, and speed bumps. 

Another factor in wheel unalignment is time. Over time, your car’s normal driving will cause your vehicle to become unaligned. This will normally occur around 60,000 miles.
How often do i need wheel alignment
How does alignment affect my vehicle? 

Alignment affects your vehicle in a few different ways. One way that it affects your vehicle is by the steering. When your vehicle is properly aligned, the steering will be more straight and even. This happens because the tires are aligned! 

All automobiles have a specific number that they should be aligned to. Every angle of the vehicle has a specific alignment number as well. You want to make sure that your vehicle is aligned as close to that number at all times to ensure that your tires last you longer and that your driving experience is the best that it could possibly be! 


How long does an alignment take? 

We understand that the drivers of butte county are very busy. So, how long does an alignment take? Depending on your vehicle, a two-wheel-drive vehicle normally takes around one hour to align. A four-wheel-drive vehicle is usually around the same as well. 

If there is heavy wear and tear on your vehicle, damage to the tire rod suspension system, or other damages, this process may take a while longer than the average joe’s alignment. This is because some of those components need to be replaced. 

How often do i need wheel alignment?
Where do I go for alignment service & How often wheel alignment is needed? 

 Now that we have answered the question, How often wheel alignment is needed, you know that you may be due for an alignment soon. And when you are ready, we are here to help! Our expert technicians, at Tedious Repairs, have 13 years of automotive alignment service under their belt. They are more than qualified to help you with your automobile’s alignment needs as well! Alignment is a quick, easy, and important task! It is definitely something that you do not want to put off. When 60,000 miles are up, give us a call or book an online appointment with us to schedule your automobile alignment service today! Wheel alignment Chico, CA.

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