How Does a Clutch Work?

How Does a Clutch Work?

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Ever wonder how a clutch works? Ever wonder what the word “clutch” really means? You may probably know that “clutch” essentially means “to grab”, but how so? How does that work exactly in the context of a car or truck? No worries, we've got answers for ya!

Today, we’re gonna break down the essential components of a car clutch and describe their basic operation. That way you’ll be better prepared to judge your own clutch problems, fix clutch issues, or decide for yourself when it’s time to find a clutch repair technician.

Driving Parts

The parts that do the work in the clutch assembly include:

  • a Flywheel, which is mounted to the engine crankshaft, and

  • a Pressure Plate, including its pressure springs and releasing levers.

The flywheel is bolted to a cover that houses the pressure plate, pressure springs, and releasing levers too. The clutch housing also has holes in it to allow heat ventilation.

Driven Parts

The parts that are moved by the driving parts listed above include:

  • a Clutch Plate, located between the flywheel and pressure plate.

  • the Clutch Shaft.

When you press the clutch pedal, the clutch plate gets squeezed between the flywheel and the pressure plate, causing the clutch shaft to rotate.

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Operating Parts

Of course, the clutch doesn’t work without the operating parts which includes the foot pedal, clutch linkage, and release bearings (aka throwout bearings). The pedal can be powered by hydraulic fluid in newer cars, but more commonly it’s just a cable mechanism.

Additionally, these parts are held in place by the clutch fork and bellhousing, which holds everything tight together on the crankshaft.

Clutch Assembly, Assembled

Simply put, a clutch is a mechanism that enables or disables transmission of power. In the context of an automobile, the “transmission of power” is from the engine to the wheels. The “clutch” part specifically is the flywheel and its pressure plate, which squeeze the clutch plate in order to rotate the clutch shaft.

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And if you’re interested in seeing for yourself how a clutch assembly looks inside and out, check out this YouTube video from Marton Buday:

Need Clutch Repair Service?

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The clutch is a vital component in every automobile, allowing us to shift gears to match the vehicle’s engine output to the job at hand. Without it, we’d either be stuck driving uphill in the same gear we drive flat (which would overwork the engine and cost more fuel), or be forced to constantly change vehicles just to get around town. Imagine what a pain that would be.

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