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How to Do Your Own Front-End Alignment

How to Do Your Own Front-End Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Today on our never-ending quest to provide the best auto repair service in Chico- bar none- we are going to talk about wheel alignments. Well, we’re gonna let someone else do the talking about wheel alignments, but yeah, we’re going over front-end wheel alignment, specifically. Alignment allows you to be able to have the ability to be driving straight.

See, we found a great little video on YouTube by the folks at Ratchets and Wrenches that tells you how to do your own front-wheel alignment by yourself, free and easy. Well, mostly easy, and you’ll need some tools so not entirely free, but most people have wrenches so it shouldn’t be too bad. If not, buy a darn wrench, eh!

Now we’re gonna leave the full explanation of how to do the wheel alignment to Ratchets and Wrenches, but we’re gonna provide a short synopsis below too so you can reference the basic steps quickly. That way you can see if you should handle this yourself or if it’s best to get wheel alignment service in Chico instead (in that case, we’re glad to help just give us a call here).

How to Perform a Front End Alignment Yourself - Easy and Free

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for anything regarding this video and are not offering this as professional advice. This is meant as a teaching guide so please be careful! 

From Ratchet and Wrenches on YouTube:

Wheel Alignment Video Breakdown:

Necessary Equipment
  • String (about 30’ worth, any type)

  • 4 stable objects to tie the string to (reference)

  • Tape measure

  • Wrench (adjustable locking wrench preferable)

  • If necessary to reach tie rods on your vehicle, jack stands


Again, this is just the gist, watch the video for better explanation and visual guides. It’s only 6 minutes long and probably takes less time to watch than this does to read.

  1. Raise vehicle, if necessary

  2. Loosen locking nut on inner tie rod ends using wrench; both sides

    1. Make sure locking nut can move freely during adjustments

  3. Straighten the steering wheel as much as possible

    1. Do not touch steering wheel or wheels after making this adjustment!

  4. Tie string alongside vehicle at mid-wheel height and straighten; both sides

  5. On rear wheels, measure distance between front end of rear wheel and string, and back end of rear wheel and string. Line up string so it’s perfectly equal distance from string on both front and back end of rear wheel.

    1. The goal is make the string exactly parallel with the wheel.

  6. Once the string is parallel to front and back of rear wheel, now measure the distance of the string from front and rear and of front wheel. This is the amount you need to adjust in order to fix wheel alignment.

  7. Adjust the Tie Roads with a wrench; move the tie-in by going clockwise, tie-out by going counter clockwise.

  8. Measure the string distance again, and keep adjusting tie rods until the string distance is equal on both the front and back end of the front wheel.

  9. Finally, as a rule of thumb, adjust so the front end is toed in 1/8” (1/16” on either side) in order to keep alignment straight and centered while driving.

More from Ratchets and Wrenches

Ratchets and Wrenches offers tons of great videos on their YouTube channel that can help you handle your own car, truck, and auto repairs. Nothing feels better than self-reliance! For more Ratchets and Wrenches, check them out at:

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We Do Wheel Alignment in Chico!

fluid leak shown close up

That may seem like a bit of a chore, but for those who are handy and have the tools and time at hand, it may be a fun afternoon project too. Or, maybe you just really need to get it done and you’re ready to do it yourself if you have to. We respect that.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it yourself. We’re more than happy to handle wheel alignment service and all the adjustments necessary to get you straight back on the road ASAP! Just give your local Chico wheel alignment specialists at Tedious Repairs a call today, and we’ll make sure you get fast affordable wheel alignment service you need, prompt-like and with a guarantee, too.

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