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History of Brake Repair

The history of cAr brakes

 In 1902, the first brakes were made. The brakes from then and the brakes that we have now are very different. Todays technologies and the technologies from 1902 are very different. 

All brakes had the same goal. Stop the car quickly and safely. Brakes are on of the most important parts in your car and should be taken care of accordingly. 

Brakes stop cars by using the wheels and the axle. The axle is connected to the wheels. The axle also controls the wheels. The two work to together to stop your car. 

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Wooden brakes 

 The first car brakes were actually made out of wood. This braking system had wooden block and a lever that the driver would use to apply the brake. This brake system was only used on cars that had steel wheel rims.
These brakes were included on steam engine automobiles and horse drawn automobiles too! Wooden block brakes would only work if the car was traveling less then 10 to 20 miles an hour.
 Because these brakes would only work on steel rim vehicles, the slowly become less and less common because people were switching to rubber tires and these brake would not work on them. 

Mechanical drum brakes 

Mechanical drum are more similar to the brakes that we have now compared to the wooden brake system. Gottlieb Daimler thought that if you attached a cable wrapped drum to the vehicles chassis, that would the vehicle and all of it’s momentum. 

Mechanical drum brakes were made in the early 1900’s. At this time, the two most common brakes were wood brakes and these brakes. Most of the newer cars had mechanical brakes though! 

Mechanical brakes were located on the outside of the vehicle. Technology was not yet advanced enough to have them inside the car. Because of this, brakes would often get ruined. They would constantly be exposed to weather. This would cause them to fade away over time.

History of Brake Repair

Before the expanding eternal shoe brakes , all cars had their brakes on the outside of the vehicle. They would have problems very soon on in their life because they were constantly exposed to outside weather. 

The expanding eternal shoe brakes were the first brakes to be located inside your vehicle. These brake would set the brakes that brakes were made for the rest of automotive history!


The eternal brakes were made in the mid to late 1900’s. They began to become popular a few years after they had been invented. These eternal brakes would last much longer than other brakes because they were shielded from outside weather. 

Hydraulic brakes

Hydraulic brakes were made in 1918. Malcolm Loughead was the first person to propose the idea of using hydraulic to stoop a moving vehicle. The hydraulic system used fluids to makes cars stop. Once the brake pedal was pressed, the fluid would transfer over and slow the vehicle! 

At first, no one wanted to use this braking system. But, it could stop cars at faster speeds, it was more reliable, and it was easily just the best all around braking system yet! By the late 1920’s, every car being made was made with these brakes. 

Hydraulic brakes use hydraulic fluid to operate. Today, many modern cars still use hydraulic brakes! They are still in use because of their effectiveness and their ability to stop cars at fast speeds, unlike other brakes made at that time.

Disc Brakes

In 1902, William Lanchester invented the Disc brake system. This system wasn’t popular until later on in it’s time. By the mid 20’s, the brake system began to be more popular and commonly used.

This brake system was not very efficient tin distributing heat properly. But, these brakes would allow you brake better at faster speeds and they would stop the vehicle faster. 

People still use disc brakes today. They are often found in hybrids and bikes and things that. Some modern cars still use disc brakes though.

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