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how does a GDI work ?

How does a gasoline direct injection work? Well, GDI is a mixture of internal combustion engines, in your vehicle, that run on gasoline. A GDI is where fuel is injected into the combustion chamber then into the air intake chamber instead of the intake port. This makes your fuel usage more precise. 

What are the key diffrences between port fuel and gas injection?

The key differences between port fuel and gas injection are: 

Engines that are port injection engines have better advantages. Like, they allow the engine to get both direct injection and port injection. This provides the engine with more ease.


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why dont you want your gdi to be dirty ?

Why do you need your GDI to be clean? 

It is important to keep your GDI clean because it ensure that your car runs smoother. With a clean GDI system, your cars GDI is less likely to malfunction, need more tedious repairs, and more. So, let’s keep our GDI systems clean and well maintained.

GDI repiar

What are signs of potentail build up ?

gdi repair gdi replacement
What are signs of potential build up in GDIs?

Some sings of your GDI having build up are: rough idle when your car is cold, shaking idle, extended crank, constantly hard start.


To schedule an appointment and have your GDI build up taken care off, book an appointment with us ether over the phone, or online! 



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