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Our Mechanics Love Fork In The Road in Chico!

The Dining Event of the Season

We may be auto mechanics, but we like great food just like everyone else. What, you thought we survive on motor oil or something? That’s weird. We hardly drink the stuff.

You being weird aside, one of our favorite local events in Chico is the Fork in the Road food truck gathering. This is a big event where many of Chico’s best food trucks gather in one place and make it easy for everyone to taste a bit of everything. If you’re a taco truck fan, this is the place for you; not just for tacos, you can try new stuff too!

Tedious Repairs mechanics love Chico's Fork in the Road event!We can’t wait and we hope to see you there!

This Year’s Fork In The Road Event

The upcoming Fork in the Road is happening in the Meriam Park complex at 1930 Market Place (near WinCo and Best Buy). Generally, the trucks will park near each other in an open area that’s easy for pedestrian traffic. Seating and trash receptacles will be placed nearby for your convenience, and often there’s live music too. Occasionally, you may see booths or other merchants, but the focus is always on the food.

Participants of Deliciousness AKA “Deliciou-pants”

Fork in the Road Chico - Mechanics love it!Unfortunately, it seems like this year’s deliciou-pants are not explicitly declared on their Facebook page, or the ChicoER event page, or any other page referencing the event.

If it helps, in Nov of 2020, the participants were SPUN Organic Cotton Candy, Panini Machini, Slyderz Grill, Mrs J’s Ice Cream, and Gnarly Deli. Probably a safe bet that Panini Machini will be there, but we can’t speak on the rest. Gonna be a bit of a surprise then, but rest assured, it’ll be delicious!

One special note for this year since the summer heat seems to have set in early: bring water! All the vendors will provide water yet it never hurts to stay hydrated, homie!

When Is Fork in the Road?

The upcoming gathering is on Tuesday, May 11th 2021. It starts at 5pm and ends at 8pm.

It’s probably a good idea to head over maybe a half hour early to secure parking. There’s a lot of roadside parking in that area so it won’t be too bad as long as you can tolerate a little walk. Don’t hold us to that, though. People are eager to get outside at this point, and it may be more popular than it’s ever been even with health precautions in place.

And it’s expected to be sunny so please dress accordingly.

More Information

For the latest updates and information about Fork in the Road Chico, visit their Facebook page

Action News Now has a posting too but it doesn’t have any more info than the Facebook page

See You At Fork in the Road!

Please remember that due to health concerns, masks are required and social distancing should be practiced at all times. Don’t worry though, special precautions have been taken this year to ensure the highest health standards. Everyone will have a fun and safe time.Gnarly Deli at Fork in the Road Chico

We can’t wait. While our specialty may be auto repair, everyone can agree that great food with good friends is probably almost as good as being a car mechanic (almost). Don’t take our word for it though: join us at Fork in the Road on May 11th.

See you there!

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